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perennial woodland native of North America having a red root and red sap and bearing a solitary lobed leaf and white flower in early spring and having acrid emetic properties

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Some effects of nitratc-trcatcd soil upon the sensitivity of buried redroot pigweed (A.
In 1997, PAM significantly reduced weed seed loss for common lambsquarters, redroot pigweed, and hairy nightshade.
On the other hand, if redroot pigweed, chickweed, dandelion and wild mustard thrive, the soil's PH balance would suit most garden plants.
Now is the right time when redroot and purslane are sprouting.
Ragweed is the major culprit, but others of importance are sagebrush, redroot pigweed, lamb's quarters, Russian thistle (tumbleweed), and English plantain.
HEAT LQ provides wheat and barley growers with a new tool to dry down tough broadleaf weeds including volunteer Roundup Ready canola, redroot pigweed and wild buckwheat, to name a few.
The Effects of Reduced Doses and Application Timing of Metribuzin on Redroot Pigweed (Amaranthusretroflexus L.
4] broadleaves were exclusively redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.
Weed-seed bank: In this study, small nylon bags were filled with 500 redroot pigweed seeds and buried at 1 or 8 inches deep.
Weed seeds in runoff from furrows treated with PAM were reduced from 49 to 93% for kochia, redroot pigweed, lambsquarters and hair nightshade, in addition to reducing erosion and improving inifitration.
A 2013 University of Idaho research trial showed that Varisto herbicide was 98 percent effective in controlling hairy nightshade, 96 percent effective in controlling redroot pigweed, 90 percent effective in controlling common lambs quarters and 84 percent effective in controlling green foxtail.
Redroot, Rough Pigweed, Redroot Amaranth; Roadside along River Road; Rare; C = 0; BSUH 17376.
Several MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers have reported using redroot pigweed as a trap crop for cucumber beetles and Mexican bean beetles.
1994) found that redroot pigweed and common lambsquarters emergence were not affected by rye and wheat residues compared to no cover crop.