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Redraws may contribute to a facility's "Significant Few" failures--unexpected failures that in turn add unexpected costs to short-term financials, as defined by Robert J.
When analyzing the healthcare industry and, more specifically, the phlebotomy procedures of a hospital's emergency ward, he says, the annual cost of redraws may be overlooked.
The number of students choosing the school will affect how the district redraws its attendance boundaries.
In the fall of 1993, our phlebotomists and central processing department noticed an increase in the number of specimens being rejected due to hemolysis and, consequently, requests for redraws.
Redraws would be requested only if the specimen failed to meet the established criteria.
Steven Taylor, President of Cathexis Innovations, points out that, "the IDBlue is on the cutting edge of RFID technology and redraws the boundaries on how RFID can be used.
This technology instantly detects updates needed for screen display and immediately redraws that portion of the display to reflect real-time changes in monitored data sources.