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As the draw had only taken place a couple of hours prior to these conversations, and there was five clear days before the next round was due to take place, I decided to allow the race to be redrawn.
The constituencies were redrawn without a fresh census, which could not be done under the law, he argued.
They would also have redrawn existing constituency boundaries, including Wansbeck in Northumberland.
The Legislature typically can't agree to the redrawn districts, and because theirs must be done first, it forces everyone else to push deadlines back.
During this process, the political lines are redrawn so that each district is roughly equal in population size based on the most recent Census data.
In a submission to the Limerick Local Government Committee, the FF deputy said the boundary could be redrawn to run along the River Shannon, thereby creating two blocks - one in each county.
Redrawn districts that simply mirror the old calcified districts California is currently stuck with would be a sham and a fraud.
Gradually, with scenes redrawn, truncated, or eliminated so as to project a more politically expedient story, the two editions get further and further out of sync.
The regulation has to be redrawn, and there is no guarantee that the better TPMS will be the choice.
Unlike previous publications, it includes many plans (some redrawn from Marx's vanished or ruined originals) which show that the gardens are almost literally 'paintings made of plants'.
Reid was yesterday told that his constituency of Hamilton North and Bellshill will be redrawn.
The 118 state House and 59 Senate districts are redrawn every decade, based on Census figures.
If constituency borders are redrawn, their campaigns (for the next election) may turn out to be worthless (in some areas), so why don't we show them soon what we are going to do about it,'' said Koizumi, who doubles as LDP president.
Indeed, shipping routes are being redrawn throughout the region, thanks to new trade trends, natural disasters--such as the floods in Venezuela-and shipping line consolidations.
Parents want the school boundaries redrawn before closures are made, because new boundaries may give targeted schools more life.