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At which the bench observed that delimitation and demarcation are two different things, and added that census is not necessary for redrawing of electoral constituencies in Karachi.
Census Bureau will release new data that will trigger the redrawing of district lines at the city, county, state and federal levels.
The first redrawing occurred during a high-water mark of Democratic power, and the subsequent flurry of gerrymandering helped cement Democratic dominance of many state legislatures, as well as of the House.
Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative boundaries based on population.
And authority for redrawing legislative district boundaries after each decennial census--in the U.
As reported in these pages last year (see our Insider Report item "UN's Law of the Sea Caper," in our February 24, 2003 issue), a group of cartographers at the University of New Brunswick "is redrawing the world's oceans under new rules set by the United Nations, divvying up trillions of dollars worth of natural resources in huge chunks of the sea floor.
The continual redrawing of the boundaries between the United States, Texas, and Mexico in the nineteenth century prompted slaves to view the border as a symbol of liberation.
Wielding mass-produced James Bond technology, an army of amateurs is quietly redrawing the limits of privacy in public spaces.
In a meeting Wednesday with LDP Secretary General Taku Yamasaki, Koizumi said those parliamentarians to be affected by the redrawing ''have made a number of requests saying they would be in trouble unless a decision is made soon.
The so-called "Nafta parity" law in the United States, giving apparel-producing countries in Central America and the Caribbean tariff relief to match Mexico's Nafta trade benefits, already has shipping lines redrawing their service maps for the region.
Here Ruppersberg toyed with issues of the handmade versus the mass-produced, and with high/low dichotomies, by redrawing mechanically printed texts and by presenting low-brow or expendable forms of writing as though they were precious and deeply significant.
For instance, the speed of viewing operations related to redrawing, zooming, blanking and unblanking, and revolve are improved by 40% to 50%.
KARACHI -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday dismissed a review petition of Muttahida Qaumi Movement regarding court orders on redrawing of electoral constituencies in Karachi .
This verdict runs contrary to law and constitution as no ambiguity exists in law and constitution in this regard ", he said this while talking to media men after filing petitions in SC seeking stay and review of its interim orders on redrawing of constituencies and preparation of voters lists here Monday.
Everyone says they are for an independent redrawing of legislative maps.