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argued forcefully that Democrats should re-redistrict in Illinois, New Mexico, and Louisiana in retaliation for the Republican mid-decade redrawing in Texas, as well as for similar off-cycle remapping that occurred in Colorado and Georgia.
But a senior LDP official indicated it would be difficult to write legislation on redrawing constituencies or other reform plans in the upcoming Diet session early next year, saying, ''There is no good solution, and consultations within the ruling party have not been making any progress.
com * Redrawing the Map of Europe: Europe needs to treat its strategic challenges in the economics, security and institutional sector as a seamless web, according to the European Commission's former Head of Mission in Moscow.
Here Ruppersberg toyed with issues of the handmade versus the mass-produced, and with high/low dichotomies, by redrawing mechanically printed texts and by presenting low-brow or expendable forms of writing as though they were precious and deeply significant.
For instance, the speed of viewing operations related to redrawing, zooming, blanking and unblanking, and revolve are improved by 40% to 50%.
KARACHI -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday dismissed a review petition of Muttahida Qaumi Movement regarding court orders on redrawing of electoral constituencies in Karachi .
This verdict runs contrary to law and constitution as no ambiguity exists in law and constitution in this regard ", he said this while talking to media men after filing petitions in SC seeking stay and review of its interim orders on redrawing of constituencies and preparation of voters lists here Monday.
Everyone says they are for an independent redrawing of legislative maps.
A group of ocean mappers at the University of New Brunswick is redrawing the world's oceans under new rules set by the United Nations, divvying up trillions of dollars worth of natural resources in huge chunks of the sea floor," according to a January 29th CBC report.
In rural spots like Merengo County, Alabama, or even cities like Jackson, Mississippi, redrawing the political map gives political power to blacks who seemed to have none at all.
SINGAPORE -- Technological innovations are rapidly redrawing the Chinese telco landscape.
Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, the chairs of the Senate and House redistricting committees, respectively, talked about their approach to redrawing Texas Senate district lines.
Next year, the marathon will finally include the Valley, thanks to a major redrawing of the course to begin at Universal City and end downtown.
A rash of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships among makers of set-top boxes and network equipment vendors is redrawing the map for the STB industry, according to a new study from ABI Research.
If an extension is not granted, aides said the councilman is looking at other options, including redrawing of the zone's boundaries or a change in state legislation to allow it to remain in operation.