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a draft for the amount of a dishonored draft plus the costs and charges of drafting again

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But they have previously said that enough is enough, and that their redrafting is at an end, as they believe they have gone as far as they can in compromising with the heritage lobby.
And Sunday Mirror Sport can reveal that FA chairman Lord Triesman and Sir Dave Richards, an FA director, are currently in the process of redrafting Capello's contract after the international committee unanimously agreed that they have got the right man to lead England into the qualification campaign for Euro 2012.
Redrafting will have no impact on bookmakers or punters - Rule 4 deductions remain the same and there are no rule changes - but the wording has been modernised and irrelevant material has been dropped.
Dear Editor, In the light of the BBC redrafting wellknown children's poems.
Ex-MPs should also be excluded from the redrafting and scrutiny.
THE Government has this week released the longawaited redrafting of its counter-terrorism strategy One part focuses on training 60,000 members of the public in responding to suspicious behaviour.
It's taken me about five years in total with all the redrafting and I'm very proud of the final product.
But opposition from IADSA, a number of countries and other non-governmental organizations resulted in the topic being referred back to step two in the process for redrafting.
Thus, the aim of the Clarity Project is to improve the clarity and consistency of IAASB standards by redrafting all standards using one consistent format and language, to make them more readable and to avoid any possible ambiguity as to what they require, and what the guidance is anywhere in the world.
Inspired by Berlie's process of drafting and redrafting her novels, each class member has produced their own thoughtful piece of creative writing and the author will talk through the work offering guidance and tips to the group.
And Commission taxation spokeswoman Maria Assimakopoulou said there would be no redrafting of its proposals, telling just-drinks.
Osborn and Avila said they are confident that the agency's financial problems will be resolved and LAHSA will play a vital roll in redrafting a 10-year implementation plan to end homelessness.
His brilliant authorship for the bill with its constant redrafting was above the call of duty.
Realizing that there had to be a better way to organize this information instead of thumbing through his field notes, researching and redrafting the same information for each individual deal, I started building a product around my personal experiences," explains Rudofsky.
There is a new emphasis on giving comments on students' work and a particularly valuable method is to devote some lesson time to redrafting one or two pieces of work, so that emphasis can be put on feedback for improvement within a supportive environment (Black et al.