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a draft for the amount of a dishonored draft plus the costs and charges of drafting again

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CZP, redrafted Regulations on General Shareholders' Meeting of JSC
Peel, to their credit, have already significantly redrafted their proposals for the scheme, by scaling down some of their tallest skyscrapers with the aim of addressing some of English Heritage's concerns.
The Bill is being redrafted and has to be updated to ensure that it has all the provisions to address the problems, which have surfaced over the period.
After all, his end of year report was redrafted by these same officers.
But Azarov, speaking before his nomination on Thursday, said state coffers were "empty" and that a "realistic" budget would have to be redrafted for 2010.
In his usual thorough and diligent manner, he redrafted the rule to read: "shall determine the winner according to that part of the horse's head, excluding the ears, which is first past the winning post.
She was given a two-year Asbo by Teesside magistrates, but the terms had to be redrafted - because the teenager was not happy with them.
A spokeswoman said: "Current Acpo guidelines on police use of dogs are being redrafted.
Reid plans to bring the redrafted bill up for a vote next week, the aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
CJ Lang also recently put its 200 staff though training coveting the sale of alcohol, and redrafted its company procedures for sales of licensed products.
The text will now be reviewed and redrafted by a France-led electronic working group, which will present its conclusions at the next Codex Nutrition Committee meeting in Autumn 2008.
The Council has redrafted its competencies for nurse practitioners, taking into account the content of the 47 submissions it received on its draft competencies.
By March, IAASB released the first of its redrafted standards:
The committee approved a motion by member Adele Stone to have the staff opinion redrafted that would answer Tromberg's questions affirmatively.
As part of the review of ACF's regulations, our Finance Committee has redrafted Regulation 3, detailing financial procedures and this redrafted regulation was adopted by Council at its 103rd meeting in May.