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a draft for the amount of a dishonored draft plus the costs and charges of drafting again

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The redrafted bill also provides for palliative care to patients even if they have opted for passive euthanasia, which is the withdrawal of medical treatment and life support system of a terminally-ill patient.
All the redrafted provisions dismiss any prejudice to Islamic precepts", he said affirming full commitment to the constitution.
Under the scrutiny rules for delegated acts, the proposal has to be redrafted if either Parliament or the Council rejects it.
This package has been politicized during the recent EU Parliament meeting and it seems a compromised package is being redrafted under which the number of items under quota has been increased from 20 to 26 with a quota ceiling of 120% of past trade based on 2007-09.
The welfare system in Lebanon should be redrafted because the current one is backward and that what we are exactly doing at the Ministry of Social Affairs," the minister explained.
JSA demands that the new pharma pricing policy be withdrawn and redrafted completely.
As soon as they were challenged on it they had no defence and the clause was redrafted.
Peel, to their credit, have already significantly redrafted their proposals for the scheme, by scaling down some of their tallest skyscrapers with the aim of addressing some of English Heritage's concerns.
The Bill is being redrafted and has to be updated to ensure that it has all the provisions to address the problems, which have surfaced over the period.
After all, his end of year report was redrafted by these same officers.
But Azarov, speaking before his nomination on Thursday, said state coffers were "empty" and that a "realistic" budget would have to be redrafted for 2010.
She was given a two-year Asbo by Teesside magistrates, but the terms had to be redrafted - because the teenager was not happy with them.
A spokeswoman said: "Current Acpo guidelines on police use of dogs are being redrafted.
Reid plans to bring the redrafted bill up for a vote next week, the aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
CJ Lang also recently put its 200 staff though training coveting the sale of alcohol, and redrafted its company procedures for sales of licensed products.