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a draft for the amount of a dishonored draft plus the costs and charges of drafting again

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Following a recent monitoring, inspectors said that the 160-pupil school was taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement, but leaders needed to redraft their plan.
Now, the Law Ministry has been asked to redraft certain sections.
Peers also voted to redraft the ministers' version of the offence of 'recklessly' or 'intentionally' disseminating a terrorist publication.
Another said, "I could redraft my essay right away.
Recently, the Turkmenian government said it wanted to redraft an agreement with Russia and Ukraine to raise the price to $60 per thousand cubic meters from the current price of $44, and end the barter in which half the value of gas is paid in metal goods and gas refining equipment.
Government officials are going to redraft a plan to introduce lay judges in criminal trials to allow citizens to decline the role on the grounds of belief or creed, informed sources said Thursday.
While there is growing momentum behind the permanent ban, senators were unable to reach agreement on how to redraft the law to account for the growth of new forms of Internet access, such as DSL and cable modems.
The defeat forced the MVR to agree to redraft the question that was to be posed.
The general requests for assistance should ask users of regulations to redraft existing regulations in a less complex fashion (and in a fashion that significant revenue loss is not likely).
Group Chairman Yahya Al-Shami said the subcommittee would resolve instances of overlap in the reports, redraft items, and, finally, complete a perfect final report.
Minister Reilly asked the HSE to redraft its plan because it was deemed too severe.
EXAM boards were told today to redraft new science GCSEs, after Ofqual said they are still not tough enough.
EXAM boards were told today to redraft new science GCSEs after Ofqual said they are still not tough enough.
Joanne Keenan, teacher at Blaengarw Primary School, said: "These workshops have allowed the boys a chance to shine and they were all motivated to write, redraft and especially perform their own rap lyrics.
I think the categorization of our office was incorrect," said McKeon's spokesman Scott Wilk, adding that Huerta agreed to redraft that portion.