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return or recoil

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have an effect for good or ill

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Out-of-court settlements of tax evasion cases should be undertaken only if it redounds to the direct advantage to and is in the best interest of the people.
Being the basic food of Filipinos, rice traditionally consists about 30 percent of every Filipino familys food basket, thus a stable price and supply, more so a decrease in prices, always redounds to the greater benefit of majority of our populace, especially the poor, Escarez said.
This redounds to the overall benefit of the Singaporean society," he said.
Beyond these basic services, amenities provided by taxpayers' dollars include parks, beaches and national forests, food and drug inspection services, and basic scientific research that redounds to the benefit of all.
of Wollongong, Australia) presents a model of political "backfire" in which one actor's attack upon other actors, be it in the form of massacre, beatings, employment dismissal, censorship, torture, or war, redounds to the attacker's detriment by provoking public outrage or other negative outcomes.
While Hunter did indeed forecast the maelstrom of legalistic innovations that lay ahead, what uniquely redounds to Leishman's credit is the sheer tenacity with which he has charted and denounced every obtuse.
These works, held behind sheets of glass with L-pins, are so spare that the space of the gallery redounds insistently: Floor scuffs and stains, ceiling beams, and electrical outlets positively glare.
From that effort have grown books, journal articles, editorial projects and, most importantly, deeper and broader writing and reporting by editorialists, all of which redounds to the benefit of newspaper readers.
The series has included celebrities from all fields and redounds great credit on David Alton who holds the May Makin Chair of Citizenship at JMU.
And just as the expansion of competitive goods and services redounds to the welfare of consumers by engendering continuing gains in efficiency, the more that providers compete on the basis of integrated episodes of care for populations of insured lives, the more efficiency will be engendered to attract those patients.