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return or recoil

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have an effect for good or ill

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is supporti theTax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, saying it could redound to better services for the people.
In his latest, he draws parallels between the rise of the SNP in Scotland and the rise of fascist movements in Italy and Spain He adds: "I fear that the official Church's unwillingness to confront the mobilisation of hatreds that is occurring in what has become a profoundly divided country will redound little to its credit when the history of these times is written.
We have received a lot of help from the society, and now it is our turn to redound upon the society," he told Helsingin Sanomat one year ago.
The spokesman added that based on studies which the ADA has undertaken, the project will triple the cost of investment in terms of benefits that will redound to the economy.
As opposed to waiting until the 2014 holiday season, releasing the rumoured iPhone 6 between July and September will redound to good business for Apple, analysts said.
Commuters and motorists should learn to adopt and make adjustments," he said as he called on residents and visitors to have more patient as the projects will redound to everyone's benefit.
counterparts, said the accomplishments of Balikatan ''shall surely redound to the improvement'' of the ''combined planning, combat readiness and interoperability'' of both forces.
Despite her best friend's warnings, the impetuous Claire uses the book to seek justice, ignoring the Witch's caveat that spells cast in revenge redound three times upon the caster.
As family members try to reach consensus they are better able to understand each other and appreciate and celebrate diversity and individual differences that redound to less internal stress and promote harmony.
Crashbrake - July 22, 8pm CDC (US), Redound - July 25, 8pm
Israel agreed to loosen its blockade on Gaza after the poll was taken, and that is likely to redound to Turkey's further benefit as it had spent weeks pressing for an end to the blockade.
sanctions arguably redound to Iran's benefit, because they strengthen the leadership and are largely toothless, not touching, for example, its energy sector.
The Iraqi government will pay out an estimated $50 billion to foreign companies to develop its oil resources in coming years, but the vast majority of Iraq's oil wealth will redound to the benefit of Iraqis, rebuilding the nation from years of profligacy and neglect under Saddam Hussein and the effects of the U.
Having mis-controlled, he side stepped a challenge to hit a powerful 22-yard drive that Wayne Guthrie could only parry and John Flood pounced on the redound.
When a man who ran as a moderate conservative governs from the far right after winning an election he has arguably lost, when he lies about the reasons for launching a war and then criminally bungles the management of that war in such a way that it will redound to the country's disadvantage for at least a generation, I think folks are entitled to be miffed.