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(military) a temporary or supplementary fortification

an entrenched stronghold or refuge

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After the loss of the Shevardino Redoubt, we found ourselves on the morning of the twenty-fifth without a position for our left flank, and were forced to bend it back and hastily entrench it where it chanced to be.
The battle of Borodino was not fought on a chosen and entrenched position with forces only slightly weaker than those of the enemy, but, as a result of the loss of the Shevardino Redoubt, the Russians fought the battle of Borodino on an open and almost unentrenched position, with forces only half as numerous as the French; that is to say, under conditions in which it was not merely unthinkable to fight for ten hours and secure an indecisive result, but unthinkable to keep an army even from complete disintegration and flight.
In the days when ISIS was still taking shape, New York Times reported on June 14, 2017, that, Tora Bora the mountain redoubt once Osama bin Laden's fortress fell to the Islamic State, handing the extremists a significant strategic and symbolic victory.
The illustrations show the attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt by the 1/5 and 1/6 South Staffords during the battle of Loos on October 13, 1915 - and the crossing of the St Quentin Canal at Bellinglise on September 28, 1918.
But Iraqi forces exchanged gunfire with the militants in their final redoubt just before midnight and into the morning, two residents living just across the Tigris River from the area told Reuters.
Iraqi government forces attacked Islamic State's remaining redoubt in Mosul's Old City on Friday, a day after formally declaring the end of the insurgents' self-declared caliphate and the capture of the historic mosque which symbolised their power.
He died leading his company in the attack on the Schwaben Redoubt, a German stronghold just north of Thiepval village.
In a new essay, Mr Price says: "In a country that has been dominated by a single political party since 1924, the Institute was designed to be that rare feature on the Welsh landscape, a redoubt of independent thinking where a Labour party card was not a passport to influence.
As they clipped away at the wire, bullets from the redoubt struck all around them.
The Yemeni government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi fled to Riyadh in March as Houthi forces closed in on their last redoubt in Aden, triggering the Saudi-led intervention and fighting which has killed more than 4,500 people, many of them civilians.
The highlights include the fog of war, the night march, the battle for Henagan's Redoubt, at Mr.
Summary: Iraqi forces need support from coalition airstrikes in Tikrit, where die-hard jihadis are defending their last redoubt with trenches, sandbags and roadside bombs, a top officer said Sunday, as the Kurds accused ISIS of using chemical weapons.
Known variously to the Germans as the Alpenfestung ("Alpine Fortress"), the Bavarian Redoubt, or the Inner Fortress, and to the Allies as the National Redoubt, this self-contained defensive complex supposedly featured fortified works atop sheer cliffs and underground caves, tunnels, and bunkers.
In late November 1953, to break up a Viet Minh invasion of neighboring Laos, the French established a redoubt at Dien Bien Phu, in the last valley of northwest Vietnam.