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(military) a temporary or supplementary fortification

an entrenched stronghold or refuge

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The redoubt was rushed and the advance was continued over the top of the hillock to the slope on the further side.
Loyalist Yemeni forces and Gulf soldiers took back Aden and most of Yemen's south in July but battle lines have barely moved since as the allied forces face stiff resistance in the Houthis' northern redoubts.
There is no guarantee however that aiding the Druze militarily would prevent a jihadist conquest of their mountain redoubt and prevent a refugee exodus to neighbouring countries.
2) The Schwaben Redoubt was just north of the town of Thiepval.
TIKRIT, Iraq: Iraqi forces need support from coalition airstrikes in Tikrit, where die-hard jihadis are defending their last redoubt with trenches, sandbags and roadside bombs, a top officer said Sunday, as the Kurds accused ISIS of using chemical weapons.
Humans could hardly be to blame if mammoths were able -- as in previous interglacials -- to hole up in some chilly redoubt that was too remote for habitation or hunting.
Bozday- also laid a wreath to Kovancylar Ottoman Military Redoubt and prayed those for who were martyred during the war.
A new analysis of an eruption sequence at Alaska's Redoubt Volcano in March 2009 shows that the harmonic tremor glided to substantially higher frequencies and then stopped abruptly just before six of the eruptions, five of them coming in succession.
The only two areas of the fort that initially resisted the British assault were the Red Barracks (also known as French Barracks), which was being used as a hospital, and the South West Redoubt, which returned fire with its 6 pounder canon mounted on the upper floor.
But Qaddafi's whereabouts remain a mystery and loyalists continue to fight rebel forces in various regions including Tripoli, Qaddafi's hometown Sirte, his southern desert redoubt of Sabha and parts of the west near Tunisia's border.
On the Inlet's west side, an independent company is working to revitalize production from the small Redoubt Shoal oilfield and a platform installed to produce it, the Osprey platform.
Word of the plans were leaked, and the colonial troops audaciously constructed a redoubt - an earthen fort - on Breed's Hill in the early hours of June 17 and moved soldiers into lines along the Charlestown peninsula.
Ransacking both the recent past and the haunted present, Elliott has selected works with maximum iconic presence and acute historical resonance: Cai Guo-Qiang's Inopportune: Stage One, 2004, involves a sequence of exploding cars in the island's old Turbine Hall; Aussie-born Brook Andrew's Jumping Castle War Memorial, 2010, recasts the inflatable carnival staple as Aboriginal redoubt, requiring all who request access to mentally register the significance of entering before doing so.
Wakefield Sunday League Seymour Cup 3rd round Crown Scissett FC 0 Redoubt 14 THERE was no fairytale outcome In this David and Goliath cup contest.