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  • verb

Synonyms for redouble

to make or become twice as great

to make greater in intensity or severity

Words related to redouble

double in magnitude, extent, or intensity

double again

Related Words

make twice as great or intense

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Redoubling of this line has been one of Wrexham council's strategic rail objectives and has been a priority of Taith, the regional transport consortia for some time.
He said: "This is hardly the peace that the government talks about, so we will be redoubling our efforts to demand an end to the war.
We are redoubling our efforts to resolve and prevent conflict throughout South Asia in order to avoid instability favorable to terrorist movements seeking to relocate or expand operations in the region.
Although you can't deal with a language that has redoubling and duplication using a context-free grammar, and therefore there are certain parsing techniques, familiar in computer scient, that won't work on a language like that," he says, "nevertheless, you can easily devise another technique that will.
It followed Network Rail's announcement last month that it planned to carry out redoubling along at least part of the route.
With the creation of i2 Ibero-America, i2 is redoubling its efforts to serve corporations in Latin America in order to help them solve traditional business problems with the use of localized technology and intelligent decision support systems.
To introduce this proven technology in North America, Rhodia's (NYSE:RHA) Electronics & Catalysis business is redoubling its efforts to clear regulatory reviews and introduce the company's Eolys(TM) fuel-borne catalyst to the U.
I very much welcome the redoubling of efforts to find a solution to this problem.
NEW YORK -- ValGold Resources Limited, (VAL-TSX Venture), the Vancouver based exploration company which acquires, explores and develops mineral properties in Canada and China, is redoubling its efforts to reach US and international investors.
In anticipation of the Spring and Summer home buying and selling season, we are redoubling our efforts to encourage adoption of The Nehemiah Program(R) by the tens of thousands of Realtors, mortgage brokers and even those individuals selling their home privately.
The lawmakers said they are redoubling efforts to promote the bill and hope for passage after the Legislature reconvenes in January.
Our national class action lawsuit is moving forward and we are redoubling our efforts to educate the public to the dangers of the Steeltex tire series as well as put pressure on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reopen its investigation of the Steeltex tires.
Los Angeles police on Tuesday were redoubling their efforts to find Edgar Penaloza, 18, and his girlfriend, Jessica Najarro, 17, missing since March 22.
With today's announcement, we're redoubling our commitment and focus to deliver mission-critical hosting services to enterprise and middle-market customers -- especially those hit hardest by recent shifts in the market.
We are disappointed that our retail enforcement has not improved since the first report and are committed to redoubling our efforts in this area,'' said John Fithian, president of the North Hollywood-based National Association of Theater Owners.