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  • noun

Synonyms for redolence

a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for redolence

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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She and her husband have launched their own cafe in the centre of Lahore and have bigger plans for Redolence Cakes in the future.
With each passing year various pandals displaying Vigneshwara in all his glory smacks of a political redolence that is peculiar to the class we are discussing.
With its redolence of tent shows and brothels, 'Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay' (as Billy the Offis Boy called it) had more vulgar connotations for Australian larrikins than it did for those who saw Collins in London and found her act to be artfully self-controlled.
Still, it's hard not to marvel at how so little acreage has fertilized so many imaginations from Whitman's time until now, imaginations which find it somehow redolent of mythic content, even if the redolence is piss and vomit and decomposing bodies.
For analytical purposes within this paper, I will use the word "andaya" to refer to the Cairo flats where aragi is brewed due to these spaces' somewhat "public" redolence as Sudanese drinking establishments.
The house, designed and built by Neil himself, is large, spacious, welcoming and has a redolence of woodfire and good coffee.
Fall represents an assault on all the senses," he says, "the brilliance of color, the crispness of the air, the redolence of rotting leaves.
sensuous fetch, its redolence of blood and gland and grass and water,
Its scorching heat, bone-dry climate, bleak emptiness, and near virgin state were new and daunting to this Midwesterner with, as he later put it, "the redolence of corral dust still in my hair.
A redolence encapsulate, now drifting Just for one whispering moment you are there,
The redolence of familiarity comes from the fact that health care in the U.
A key aspect of Jordan's films and writing is the redolence of this aesthetic formation of identity, even going beyond explicit symbolic correlations like that between the armalite and the saxophone in Angel.
I knew I mustn't risk repelling you with my ripe and regularly applied redolence of Pickett's Pest-B-Gone.
Never mind the mosquito-mobbed monsoon season; I knew I mustn't risk repelling you with my ripe and regularly applied redolence of Pickett's Pest-B-Gone.
In 2 Cor 2:14 he describes God as "leading us in triumphal procession in Christ, and making evident in every place the redolence of his knowledge.