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Results derived from the linked panel show that many people's views about issues of equality and redistribution change over time and appear to not be consistent with the kind of deep-seated ingrained ethos of support for (or opposition to) egalitarian principles that pervades much of the social policy literature on this topic.
Instead of redistribution of income through measures such as Gordon Brown's tax credit programme, a future Labour government will have to focus on "predistribution", by doing more to ensure that work pays for the disadvantaged in society, Mr Miliband said.
Finn is misguided in focusing on a "one-time grand redistribution of wealth after which no further redistributions would be allowed" (a proposal I describe briefly in a footnote) as being an essential part of my position.
It's a theater-wide mission comprised of mobile redistribution teams inspecting and consolidating all excess supplies at individual sites, then reintegrating them for forward movement.
Iranian president also warned that the country will face problems in case the subsidy redistribution plan is not implemented correctly.
Overall, according to normative arguments for redistribution, we should observe (i) a strong redistribution from rich to poor and (ii) a significant poverty reduction over the time.
The Opposition leader said a "massive sweeping, radical redistribution of power", including a curb on the power of the Prime Minister, was required to halt social breakdown.
Although Social Security has a progressive benefit formula, various features of the program reduce the extent of redistribution in the system.
Over the last three decades, a large amount of literature has been devoted to explaining the relationship between redistribution and (income) inequality.
The wave of enthusiasm of the election campaigning will now have to settle down to seriously reflecting upon the election manifesto of increasing capital gains tax and redistribution of wealth in light of the present devastation in the financial sector.
Those who work to redistribute cultural capital, by making sure that all students have the knowledge necessary to compete in the classroom and beyond, are working for redistribution.
The politics and economics of regional transfers; decentralization, interregional redistribution and income convergence.
infusion of ribose, an adenine nucleotide precursor, postischemia facilitates thallium-201 (201Tl) redistribution and improves identification of ischemic myocardium in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), 17 patients underwent two exercise 201Tl stress tests, performed 1-2 wk apart.
FareShare is calling for more companies to get involved in the redistribution of the seven million tonnes of food waste generated by the food and drink industry each year.
Judith Tonner Charities and community groups across Monklands have received a grand total of 45,709 meals via Tesco's surplus food redistribution scheme, Community Food Connection.