redheaded woodpecker

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black-and-white North American woodpecker having a red head and neck

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On a branch of the tree against which he had slept, he saw a redheaded woodpecker.
Nest-site selection models were based upon 46 Lewis's Woodpecker nests and 36 Redheaded Woodpecker nests.
Our objectives were to examine: (1) the potential for habitat partitioning via nest site selection by Lewis's and Redheaded woodpeckers co-occurring within burned ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests in the Black Hills, South Dakota, and (2) the potential for temporal partitioning via differences in clutch initiation.
Lewis's Woodpeckers initiated nests earlier than Red-headed Woodpeckers in each year of study with average initiation dates of 5 June for Lewis's Woodpeckers and 9 June for Redheaded Woodpeckers over the duration of the study.
Therefore, Redheaded Woodpeckers may attempt to mitigate the effects of predation by excavating (or selecting) nest cavities in substrates with ample vegetative cover.
No mature bucks offered themselves fof an easy shot, but I was content watching bluebirds, redheaded woodpeckers, and both gray and fox squirrels.
Contrary to every bit of gardening advice I have ever read, I leave dead branches on the apple trees where they provide nest sites for a family of redheaded woodpeckers and attract other insect eating birds year round.
And while my personal goal might have been to see a big buck on my November Illinois bowhunt, the sight of several redheaded woodpeckers, birds I do not see in my native West Virginia, was a thrill.
Redheaded Woodpeckers began arriving on the study site in early May after most other cavity nesters had already completed cavity excavation and nest building.
Redheaded Woodpeckers were unsuccessful in their attempt to usurp one Hairy Woodpecker and one Northern Flicker nest cavity.
However, Mountain Bluebirds were seldom seen defending cavities against Redheaded Woodpeckers and were usurped almost twice as often as Hairy Woodpeckers, despite nests of the two species having occurred at similar abundances on each treatment.