redheaded woodpecker

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black-and-white North American woodpecker having a red head and neck

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On a branch of the tree against which he had slept, he saw a redheaded woodpecker.
One morning, a redheaded woodpecker took some dead bark off a limb, and I realized the tree was dying from Dutch elm disease.
Living in the tree, Quigley said, has given him a new understanding and respect for nature, including the redheaded woodpecker that wakes him every morning.
The box was full of pecans the redheaded woodpecker had stored for the upcoming winter
Lerczak always digs into the back story as he describes topics such as the habits of Great Blue Herons, eagles in winter refuges, the life of the six species of swallows along the Illinois River, the reasons why we have bur oaks in Mason County, or the territories of Redheaded Woodpeckers.
No mature bucks offered themselves fof an easy shot, but I was content watching bluebirds, redheaded woodpeckers, and both gray and fox squirrels.