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a night flight from which the passengers emerge with eyes red from lack of sleep

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Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is one of the world's largest providers of advanced manufacturing services that combines the latest technologies and decades of experience from three industry- leading pioneersSolid Concepts, Harvest Technologies and RedEye.
Arts Council England-supported Redeye is a Manchester-based network set up to support photographers at every level.
While the redeye mutants were able to fall asleep, they would wake again in only a few minutes.
Jim Kor designed the first 3D-printed automobile built by RedEye On Demand.
There's great demand for affordable but robust solutions like RedEye and we're excited to represent RedEye controls in New England.
RedEye remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, announced the availability of RedEye mini, an affordable and feature-rich portable universal remote adapter for Apple iOS devices.
RHYTHM and blues comes to the Studio in Hartlepool tonight with a headline show from DANNY BRYANT'S REDEYE BAND.
As Redeye says, though Heaslip was poor last Saturday, Powell will probably make the bench.
Everything is covered, from the basics of understanding file formats and applying images to other settings to changing appearances, applying saved settings to other images, and covering to grayscale or reducing redeye.
A financial study of the firm, carried out by behavourial analyst RedEye at the end of 2006, claimed that Betting Promotion had grown quicker than Betfair in the previous two years, and forecast further rapid growth.
But it leaves them with a "sleep debt" equivalent of a redeye flight from New York, according to recruitment group Office Angels.
The fix function can be very simple (Quick Fix) with sliders to control and view redeye, lighting, color, and sharpness adjustments, or you can open the standard edit and use a number of powerful Photoshop tools that even include layers.
And a new online rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing service called Redeye RPM was started just last fall by Stratasys.
JetBlue redeye flights will feature spa kits: JetBlue will distribute spa kits to passengers on some of its transcontinental redeye flights.
A Chinese ban on so-called redeye flights has been lifted.