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deposition from one deposit to another

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Under such conditions, little fine materials would be available for suspension and subsequent redeposition due to harvesting.
Similar to emulsification this property of surfactants prevents redeposition of solid particles by maintaining them in suspension (Friedli, 2001).
Therefore, a greater flux of detritus could be carried to the basin due to degradation of pre-existing cover of source areas, followed by sediment mobilization and redeposition by the rivers (Thiry and Jacquin, 1993; Rocha and Gomes, 1995; Gibson et al.
This sediment is, in effect, a transgressive lag deposit produced by the mixing of post-Wisconsinan sediment introduced by Holocene and modern rivers draining the adjacent land areas, and the exhumation, mobilization, and redeposition of Pleistocene and older continental-shelf sediment resulting from Holocene sea-level rise and storm activity.
At Morfa Dyffryn the disappearance of the dune peak in 1990 is an indication of the redeposition of aeolian derived sand in the hind dunes.
erectus, indicating that at least one redeposition event has occurred (Roberts et al.
A complex blend of surface-active ingredients, the product aggressively lifts particulate soils (including chlorinated paraffin) and, more importantly, prevents their redeposition on the cleaned surface.
However, the bowhead whale bones described by Atkinson and England (2004) are anomalously old compared with dated driftwood and marine shells collected from the same shoreline, suggesting that the animal either sank prior to being exposed by falling sea level, or experienced post-stranding redeposition, likely due to solifluction.
Regarding the results of pollen analyses of marine sediment cores from off the mouth of the Amazon River (Haberle and Maslin 1999), there are several reasons to doubt the value of the pollen signal, as discussed by Hooghiemstra and Van der Hammen (1998): (1) graminaceous pollen grains may be derived from savanna-like vegetation or from floating grass-rich meadows; (2) mixing and redeposition of sediments during glacial sea-level stands that were up to 120 m lower than today; (3) large gallery forests along the river courses in Amazonia probably prevented pollen grains from savanna vegetation to reach the river system.
Poor preservation may be the result of redeposition the sediments by different reasons (heavy rain-off, tides, marine transgressions and by other unpredictable reasons).
Influence of extracellular polymeric substances on deposition and redeposition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to surfaces.
This action removes and captures dirt particles, and prevents their redeposition.
1986) and are attributed to clogging of pores due to dispersion and redeposition of particles (Dikinya et al.