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deposit once again

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deposit anew

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Automatically redeposit as checks those deposit items that do not qualify under
But that can often be misleading, because waves can erode sediments on the seabed, heave up older shells, and redeposit them in "younger" sediments.
City officials are telling companies who received city checks that bounced that they should redeposit the checks, which are now cleared for payment.
Maroni reasoned that, since the migrants were intercepted prior to reaching Italian shores, international law did not apply and it was not the "compito del governo italiano"--the duty of the Italian government--to evaluate requests for asylum; not addressed was why it was the compito del governo italiano to redeposit the travelers at their point of embarkation.
With 2009 distributions temporarily waived, you can help improve your status with a client who might have IRA assets held away from you by alerting them to stop any automatic distribution arrangements to avoid an unnecessary withdrawal and tax liability If a client has already taken their 2009 distribution, have no fear, as you can direct them to redeposit it to the account if within the 60-day rollover period.
Capcom Unity Visa cardholders will also earn one-half percent of cash back from all signature purchases - the cardholder then has the option to either redeposit the cash onto the card for additional use or purchase discounted gift cards from retail partners at the online rewards mall.
During the plasma nitriding process, due to the collision with gas molecules in the working space, a part of the sprayed particles redeposit at the discharge cathode.
Our platform is additive rather that subtractive, so we can redeposit material where we need it.
Gone are the (not-so-good) old days when shipboard disbursing officers had to collect, count, and redeposit large amounts of cash--both coins and currency--after collecting thousands of dollars of nickels, dimes, and quarters from vending machines on some ships.
Any award ticket changes or cancellations resulting in a redeposit of miles will incur a USD75 change fee, which is also waived for Summit members.
They rewash the tailings; separate and dry the marketable coal and redeposit the now barren tailings in such a way that is most advantageous for the pond owner.
Charmilles" CC machines are especially well-suited where cleanness of the surface is require& says Ledvon, because they avoid redeposit of material on the surface of the workpiece.
Hsu (1953) points Out that the PIR Program required that any branch of any bank in Taiwan should immediately redeposit the total amount of any PIR account with the Bank of Taiwan, which functioned as the central bank at that time.