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the withdrawal and redistribution of forces in an attempt to use them more effectively

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Further redeployment, the statement said, include Mr.
It is not entirely clear whether the units were never intended to be replaced, and therefore not part of the president's plan, or if the redeployment is occurring in advance of October 15," he said.
At the Council's Budget Committee, meeting on 6 September, almost all national delegations are said to have demanded more important redeployments within Heading 1a (competitiveness).
Fujairah, in particular, has proven to be a critical hub for unit deployments and redeployments out of the OEF Theater, while Umm Said has dealt mainly with import and export cargo coming from the OIF Theater
Our unit in Iraq is using it as the redeployment briefing, and it is required reading before we return to the continental United States.
The recognition of the exclusive right of Israel to decide on redeployments further erodes the Palestinian claim for legitimate reassertion in and on Palestinian land.
Seven of the 18 ministers have declared that they will not approve the Hebron agreement as it stands, and Justice Minister Tzahi Hanegbi warned Thursday that he would withdraw his support for the agreement if Netanyahu specifies ironclad dates for further redeployments.
The current redeployment process for a company, battalion, or brigade can be described as cumbersome at best.
For future operations, the 595th will continue OIF and OEF deployments and redeployments, expanding the Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq, operations, expanding Iraq's Ground Lines of Communication with Jordan and Turkey, and providing enhanced ITV on the Pakistan GLOC.
Further redeployments to specified locations will be gradually implemented commensurate with the assumption of responsibility for public order and internal security by the Palestinian police force, pursuant to Article VII above.
The reductions and redeployments are being implemented in a number of areas throughout AXS-One, with particular focus on eliminating redundancies and overlaps in operations.
While all of the deployments and redeployments were ongoing, we still had one of the largest years of motor, freight, rail and barge movement within the United States, with the movement of items from ammunition explosives to the supplies--the consumable products that support our forces deployed worldwide.
With back-to-back redeployments boasting nearly 4,000 pieces, the port effectively coordinated truck movement with an overall high of nearly seventy trucks in one day.
In addition to providing support to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the unit will continue to support deployments and redeployments to exercises and Kosovo Force rotations.