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the withdrawal and redistribution of forces in an attempt to use them more effectively

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The on-site manager will have access to customized reports that track the status of redeployment efforts of each piece of equipment.
Shelton, called the redeployment ``a prudent measure to demonstrate how seriously the U.
10) By this reckoning, the deadline for a Lebanese-Syrian agreement on redeployment expired in September 1992.
The DSB will excel at supporting transportation operations during the deployment and redeployment of war fighters for current and future U.
The redeployment is all within Chester or Warrington.
It will certainly cost British lives and we don't want any more half-truths to justify the redeployment.
The redeployment over the past days has been from Beirut and mainly Christian areas in Mount Lebanon.
These asset redeployments will continue to improve the Company's already strong balance sheet.
Such risks and assumptions include, but are not limited to, the Company's ability to execute and complete successfully the announced reorganization, to obtain additional financing of the operating units as described, to implement facilities rationalization and personnel redeployment as planned, to develop, manufacture, and successfully commercialize value-added pharmaceutical products and to obtain contracts for its products and services; the completion of certain transactions, and the commercial acceptance of advanced affinity separation technology.
According to Lane, he deployed his organization in two phases to support both the deployment and redeployment of all military cargo.
The Pan Business Redeployment Scheme allows employers to avoid the cost of redundancies, hold on to valued members of staff and make sure vital skills do not go to waste.
These amusement machines represent the Company's first redeployment of machines that were removed from South Carolina as a result of regulatory changes.
Since November, our attention has been directed to the redeployment of enthusiastic rank-and-file union members into shop-organizing efforts.
With more than 90 employees nationwide, RetroBox continues to grow by educating corporations and businesses about the value of redeployment, recycling, and environmentally sensitive disposal of IT equipment.
Another hot and humid day at the Southern Mediterranean coast where the SDDC's 839th Transportation Battalion is working the deployment and redeployment of forces during Operation Bright Star 2005.