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Vessels redeploying cargo from this exercise would be required to stop in Jordan, Oman and then Kuwait, as well as two seaports of debarkation in the United States," said Patrizia de Sanctis, 839th Transportation Battalion Documentation Specialist.
Redeploying space freed up by discontinued stores to other formats has been a consistent feature of the company's aggressive real-estate management policy in recent years.
Recruitsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Louis Tetu stated, "The task of effectively hiring and redeploying talent internally is complicated by the need to meet aggressive hire targets and responsibilities to increase the overall quality-of-hire while staying within strict expense guidelines.
Enabling iBasis to increase network capacity without incurring capital expense by redeploying equipment no longer needed in its central offices
The combination of Egenera's BladeFrame system and the Turbolinux PowerCockpit software offers customers a complete solution -- from defining the overall processing and networking environment, to deploying, configuring, and redeploying individual servers and applications," said Ly-Huong Pham, chief executive officer of Turbolinux.
EquipNet and Surplex will offer its global clients highly skilled staffs with deep equipment expertise, integrated software for redeploying idle assets, and coordinated multi-channel sales capabilities.
Now that Section office managers can access the database, they don't call MISC for routine requests, and we're redeploying thousands of dollars into improved member services," said Brown.
GTR Group continues to focus on its strategy of redeploying its assets and concentrating its efforts on its Mad Catz subsidiary, a major player in the third-party accessories business.
The company operates in strong markets and has been able to recycle its capital effectively by redeploying assets.
Brown has been engaged to review strategic alternatives for redeploying its assets.
With this sale, we look forward to redeploying the capital and profits from 1275 K Street
Don Landry, Sunburst's CEO, commented, "We continue to execute our game plan of redeploying capital by selling mature hotels in markets with limited upside and investing in fresh, new, mid-priced, extended-stay hotels in vibrant markets.
This watershed event marks the first time that major television networks are actively redeploying and monetizing their broadcast content as Web-ready video that takes advantage of all the commercial aspects Web interactivity provides.
In addition to redeploying the Company's capital into our targeted strategic markets, Storage USA has the opportunity to strengthen its balance sheet and improve its financial flexibility.