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This transaction demonstrates AMID's continued execution on its capital optimization strategy of simplifying its business and redeploying capital from non-core assets toward complementary and strategic opportunities," stated Lynn Bourdon III, President and Chief Executive Officer.
We are sitting on more cash than what we normally hold, and we don't expect to hold it much longer, we expect to start redeploying in a phased manner over the coming weeks.
One official said redeploying combat troops from Iraq might not change the total number of US forces in Kuwait, because support units are likely to be withdrawn from the country with the exit of American troops from neighboring Iraq.
The mission of RST is to support redeploying warfighters at their location in order to reduce frustrated cargo at the Seaport of Embarkation and support in-transit visibility.
The Post-Deployment Phase, conducted at home station or demobilization station, provides more in-depth education, health assessments and administrative processing to redeploying individuals and their family members.
In order to cut costs we are redeploying staff on to revenue generating projects where necessary," she said.
Redeploying assets to achieve the optimum cash flow after an LBO often calls for innovative and entrepreneurial marketing solutions.
With the offer by our joint venture partner to purchase our 50% interest, Select and our parent, Tri-Valley, saw a way to more quickly and effectively leverage our capital and the knowledge and experience gained from our joint venture participation by redeploying into enhancing oil drilling activities and obtaining greater benefit from Select's 100% owned mineral opportunities," said Dr.
For cargo redeploying into Antwerp, the 838th Transportation will discharge the ships and also be responsible for loading the cargo onto the trains, trucks, and barges that will transport the equipment on the last leg of its journey from the Port of Antwerp back to home station.
The company is currently redeploying capital into new opportunities in several new sectors.
The actions mark the second time in recent months that the patrol force has been beefed up by redeploying officers.
By redeploying key talent onto projects that are currently in development, we will greatly improve our ability to deliver multiple high-quality games in the years ahead," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment(R).
The mission involved discharging some 2,500 pieces of cargo from five ships for the deployment and later redeploying the same cargo back on four vessels.
This transaction furthers our strategy of optimizing our branch network and redeploying our corporate resources to maximize our growth opportunities.