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Synonyms for reddish

of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Looking round me again, I saw that, quite near, what I had taken to be a reddish mass of rock was moving slowly towards me.
The lawyer's overhanging reddish mustaches were parted in a scarcely perceptible smile.
They stood fully as high as the brown Dyak warriors, but their bodies were naked except for the growth of reddish hair which covered them, shading to black upon the face and hands.
The bright blue eyes regarded the spectator with a kind of lurking drollery - you almost expected to see them wink; the lips - a little too voluptuously full - seemed ready to break into a smile; the warmly-tinted cheeks were embellished with a luxuriant growth of reddish whiskers; while the bright chestnut hair, clustering in abundant, wavy curls, trespassed too much upon the forehead, and seemed to intimate that the owner thereof was prouder of his beauty than his intellect - as, perhaps, he had reason to be; and yet he looked no fool.
Some of the water placed in a glass was of a pale reddish tint; and, examined under a microscope, was seen to swarm with minute animalcula darting about, and often exploding.
The colour was caused by little gelatinous balls, about the fifth of an inch in diameter, in which numerous minute spherical ovules were imbedded: they were of two distinct kinds, one being of a reddish colour and of a different shape from the other.
When she got fairly into the garden she saw that he probably did intend to stay because he had alighted on a dwarf apple-tree and under the apple-tree was lying a little reddish animal with a Bushy tail, and both of them were watching the stooping body and rust-red head of Dickon, who was kneeling on the grass working hard.
This is th' little fox cub," he said, rubbing the little reddish animal's head.
The 59-year-old was crossing Reddish Road in Reddish, Stockport, at the time.
The absorption band that lies in the visible region is due to I-I* transition of azo linkage N=N of dyes was responsible for the reddish violet color 6a-h compounds (Fig.
SCIENCE AND CHRISTIANITY: Foundations and Frameworks for Moving Forward in Faith by Tim Reddish.
KNOWLE & Dorridge might have one hand on the Birmingham League Premier Division crown but skipper Sam Reddish can take nothing for granted as his side head to Shrewsbury tomorrow.
The lower laterite, reddish whitish sandstone and upper coal seam were key element to mark unit as Hangu Formation.
On the dwarf planet, the reddish color is likely caused by tholins, which are formed when cosmic rays and solar ultraviolet light interact with methane in Pluto's atmosphere and on its surface.