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Synonyms for redact

someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication

formulate in a particular style or language

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

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With Rapid Redact, information is permanently removed and the original text cannot be revealed as the sensitive information no longer exists.
Bruce Jackson Past form Richard Hannon, who saddles Redact, has a fine record in this event.
For those trying to redact text from an existing PDF, there are now plenty of warnings against doing so.
After a public record is scanned and digitized with Ascent Capture, IntelliDact's unstructured data recognition technology indexes and redacts information.
During yesterday morning's hearing, particular focus was placed on the police's decision to redact papers that had been provided, in unredacted form, to the criminal court hearing Howard's murder trial.
Richard Hannon, trainer of Gusto and Redact "Redact has not run for a bit but he is in good nick and could be the one.
Second, the government seeks to redact any reference to the fact that it believes this case is of a [redacted] or that, in its view, this case raises questions of [redacted].
Find and Redact - Concordance Evolution has a unique find-and-redact feature that enables users to easily search for and redact a common term or phrase within a document.
List of Hillary achievements: AaAaAeAc Make Achievements list AaAaAeAc W down favorite snacks AaAaAeAc Redact list (https://t.
There are so many trailblazers drawn high that Redact should have plenty to aim at from stall 15, and a strong pace can offset the drop to 5f.
Malacaang said on Tuesday that it would no longer redact information on acquisition costs and data pertaining to assets and net worth of Cabinet officials in the future.
It is the parties' own responsibility to redact adequately the information they consider confidential in the non-confidential versions of the documents they submit to the Commission and to use sufficiently robust IT software versions for redacting sensitive information.
A Home Office spokesman said: "In accordance with the UK Borders Act 2007 the Home Secretary, in consultation with the independent chief inspector, is required to redact any material which, if published, would be prejudicial to the interests of national security.
RICHARD HANNON'S bid for an eighth win in the Weatherbys Super Sprint at Newbury on Saturday appears to rest largely on the shoulders of unbeaten colts Eureka and Redact, with the trainer unable to split the pair.
In response to threatened litigation by the officers union, the Police Commission decided in private in December to redact the names of officers from the reports they receive from the chief of police about each use-of-force case.