red-tailed hawk

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dark brown American hawk species having a reddish-brown tail

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In contrast, when nearby crows were attracted to the scolds uttered at Red-tailed Hawk mounts they rallied with the scolders, joining them in diving and calling, and through this cooperative behavior they reinforced the association between hawks and danger rather than habituating to a benign member of the community.
The majority of rough-legged hawks, northern harriers and American kestrels were observed in open grass lands, while most red-tailed hawks were observed along forest edges (Table 2).
The Red-tailed Hawk got its name because of its reddish-brown tail feathers.
A red-tailed hawk was noted on one other occasion unsuccessfully attempting to capture a perched American kestrel on San Clemente Island (Institute for Wildlife Studies, unpublished data).
Annual admissions fluctuated for Red-tailed Hawk ([X.
Coming home from work one day, I heard a commotion in the run and saw a red-tailed hawk lift off and settle on a nearby tree.
She soars, dives, swoops, then lightly touches down, beak-to-beak with a fuzzy little face that only a mother could love - a mother HAWK, that is, and any nature lovers who wish to have a nest-side view of a pair of red-tailed hawks as their single offspring matures from chick to fledgling.
Red-tailed Hawk populations and ecology in east-central Wisconsin.
But one of their fine feathered friends - a female red-tailed hawk - apparently didn't realize the brothers were only trying to help after they saw it struck by a car on an Interstate 5 frontage road Monday afternoon.
THIS tiny kingbird shows a talon for finding trouble as it forces a massive red-tailed hawk to flee with its lunch.
A red-tailed hawk can bring down a small plane as fast as anything," he added.
The red-tailed hawk is a medium-sized bird of prey, commonly found in North America.
On Thursday, Calabasas stuck to its conservationist credo by becoming the first to trot out a red-tailed hawk in a bid for All-America City.
There will be a live Pennsylvania birds of prey display including a great-horned owl, red-tailed hawk, barred owl and turkey vulture, as well as a live reptile and amphibian display.
I spent a lazy quarter hour watching a red-tailed hawk thermaling over a nearby canyon, and had no trouble keeping him in crisp focus.