red-necked grebe

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large stocky grebe of circumpolar regions having a dark neck

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While some people believe that birds and other wildlife should never be tagged or otherwise handled, your article about the red-necked grebe clearly spelled out why it is so important for biologists to do "hands-on" research.
Red-necked grebes aren't common in Wales, and Anglesey's western position makes it a prime candidate for North American birds.
She's just snared a red-necked grebe, a tough, feisty bird that likes to make wildlife researchers pay for their curiosity.
Good numbers of wild swans remain on the Dee Estuary, with 70 whoopers and 130 Bewick's on Shotwick Fields, and a red-necked grebe on the nearby boating lake.
The Red-necked Grebe remains off Borth-y-Gest, along with all four other species of British grebe - it's rare to see all five in one place.
Next door, at Titchwell RSPB, were water pipit, shorelark, red-necked grebe, long-tailed duck, marsh harrier, avocets and slavonian grebe.
Bird of the week is a Red-necked Grebe in Porthmadog harbour, a scarce bird in North Wales, with just one or two sightings each year.
The red-necked grebe, which normally flies home to Finland or Russia in spring, has remained at Knowsley Safari Park.
A red-necked grebe proved tricky to pin down at Rhyl marine lake and a second bird was better behaved at Holyhead Bay.
Red-necked grebe, spoonbill, little stints, Lapland bunting and the shore-larks still favour Frodsham Marsh and the nearby Weaver and ship canal while black-necked grebes, dispersed from their Woolston colony the other year, returned to Scotsman's Flash at Wigan, Pennington Flash and Woolston Eyes.
During fall migration, a few red-throated loons and red-necked grebes and good flights of common loons may be observed.
The deep water above the dam brings in common loon and horned, eared, western, Clark's and (rarely) red-necked grebes in migration, along with pied-billed grebe, American coot and common merganser.
Three species of cormorants and rafts of Western grebes, which look like miniature swans, also dot the sea, while surf scoters, mergansers, and red-necked grebes work the waves.
Deep water above the dam draws migrant Common Loon and Horned, Eared, Western, Clark's and, on rare occasions, Red-necked Grebes in migration.
Red-necked grebes breed in central and eastern Europe on freshwater lakes with a few wintering in UK coastal waters.