red-light district

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a district with many brothels

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BEIRUT: Police have shut down three nightclubs in Lebanon's red-light district, allegedly used as brothels, at the request of Mount Lebanon's general prosecutor, a security source told The Daily Star Tuesday.
West Yorkshire Police is also writing to car owners seen cruising the red-light district in a bid to cut the number of kerb crawlers.
Jurors in the trial of 49-year-old Steve Wright also visited a red-light district and the remote locations where the naked bodies of the women were found 13 months ago.
Police patrolling the red-light district of Brussels have been ordered to stop visiting brothels and drinking in bars when on duty.
St Pauli, the club from Hamburg's red-light district, renowned for their large following of punks, anarchists and other radicals, clinched a long-awaited return to the big-time after gaining promotion to Bundesliga 2 from the amateur regional leagues.
All five women worked as prostitutes in the red-light district of Ipswich.
Give the children in Calcutta's red-light district their own cameras and let them take pictures of their lives.
Born Into Brothels follows photographer Zana Briski as she teaches photography to the children of prostitutes in a notorious red-light district in Calcutta.
Re-creation of infamous red-light district is on its way to Tyneside for the latest Baltic exhibition
The film, which is up for a nonfiction Oscar this year, mixes its filmmakers' activism with some tragic imagery and a truly compelling subject - the children living in Calcutta's red-light district.
Later they are separated, with Ma put into a convent's hospice to recuperate from what seems to be tuberculoses, and June is in an orphanage on the edge of a red-light district.
In Pompeii sex wasn't something confined to the red-light district.
Public morals were better served, apparently, by a red-light district happy to cater to the restless GIs, who were among those attending Japan's first strip show, "The Birth of Venus," in Kabukicho.
Many prostitutes in Glasgow's red-light district suffer from hepatitis and HIV.
showing at the Hayward Gallery from January 17 to April 1: The Swedish artist has taken her video camera to the Czech-German border town of Dubi, now a giant red-light district for Czech prostitutes and their predominantly German clients.