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the protective action of red wine polyphenols is independent of any antioxidant action of these compounds," Croft and his colleagues conclude.
The wine cabinet has not a single moving part, delivering a perfect no-vibration no-noise storage environment for red wine and satisfying demand for a "wine-cellar experience.
Prof Roger Corder, from Queen Mary University of London and author of The Red Wine Diet, confirms Tannat wines contain three to four times more procyanidins than Cabernet Sauvignon.
Chilled or cooled red wine is nothing new and where ever the style demands in France, Spain and Italy, reds are drunk appropriately chilled.
Resveratrol, a plant chemical found in grapes and red wine, blocks the cancer-fuelling effects of female hormone oestrogen, and can inhibit the growth of cells that have become hormone resistant, say scientists.
Stevens - a good friend of Hendrix - said the iconic rocker couldn't handle the red wine he was drinking that night.
Wine Wipes are a natural and effective solution for removing and preventing damaging red wine stains.
Consumers have become more savvy about seasonal wine drinking, and are increasingly buying lower-alcohol wines between 10% and 12% abv and showing interest in lighter styles of red wine that suit being served chilled, he said.
The expected difference between red and white wine was observed clearly in the range between 400 and 650nm, where red wine samples exhibited an absorbance peak due to absorption by anthocyanin that is absent in the white wines.
RETAILERS CAN CREATE ADD-ON SALES IN THE WINE DEPARTMENT with the Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Set, which includes the original Vinturi Red Wine Aerator and new Vinturi Tower.
RED wine could help to ward off tooth decay, researchers claim.
Anecdotal evidence about the health benefits of red wine have been bouncing around for some decades now, but here biochemists, microbiologists, and other researchers get down to the fundamental science.
The specific objectives of this research were to confirm bactericidal activity using the pour plate technique, and to investigate the effects of red wine and grape juice polyphenols against these pathogens and the probiotics L.
Drinking red wine protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet B (UVB) light, according to a recent German study.
STEAK is less likely to contribute to cancer when marinated in beer or red wine, according to experts.