red tape

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Synonyms for red tape



Synonyms for red tape

needlessly time-consuming procedure

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Premier Brad Wall is nominated for sustained leadership in red tape reduction; and
The bill was meant to reduce red tape or promote transparency in government with regard to business registrations and other manner of transacting with the public,' Zubiri said.
Until he became Secretary of State for environment, Michael Gove was also a member of the Red Tape Initiative panel.
Business regulation in the UK is said to be the lowest in the G7, however businesses from across the country have responded to the Cutting Red Tape review programme to identify further areas in need of reform and the government said it will take decisive action based on the respondent's experiences.
Many companies have welcomed the Government's recent commitment to cut red tape and recognise it as a priority.
There will be a dedicated red tape website, where business-people and the public can send off their own submissions on perceptions of red tape encumbrances, which presumably will be assessed by a committee, and then sent to Ministers to enact legislation to cut and remove.
Red tape perception is positively associated with internal communication.
Any coherent action taken on reducing unnecessary red tape has got to be good for business.
Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "In these tough times, businesses need to focus all their energies on creating jobs and growth, not being tied up in unnecessary red tape.
LOCAL Euro MP Liz Lynne has welcomed a parliamentary debate on ways to scrap red tape for small business and help unlock billions of pounds of economic potential.
NORTH-EAST small firms say their growth ambitions are being blocked by excessive red tape.
of Illinois-Chicago) evaluate the success of scholars of public administration in developing red tape as a legitimate and relatively unambiguous concept suitable for serious research.
Rules and Red Tape: A Prism for Public Administration Theory and Research builds on Barry Bozeman's previous book BUREAUCRACY AND RED TAPE, which appeared in 2000, and provides college-level public administration readers with a fine survey with new chapters on red tape research.
He said: "It is extraordinary that ministers consider this vital legislation as red tape.
Small store owners have slammed the government for attempting to bring an end to existing Sunday trading rules under the guise of reducing red tape.