red sandalwood

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hard durable wood of red sandalwood trees (Pterocarpus santalinus)

tree of India and East Indies yielding a hard fragrant timber prized for cabinetwork and dark red heartwood used as a dyewood

East Indian tree with racemes of yellow-white flowers

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Political parties including the DMK, BJP, PMK, Congress and CPI have claimed that " poor labourers from Tamil Nadu" were among the victims and have asked the state government to pursue lawful means to check smuggling of red sandalwood.
The state government had in June 2013 formed a Special Task Force to check smuggling of red sandalwood.
Red sandalwood, for instance, was also used as a medicine, for the manufacture of musical instruments and furniture, and for burnt offerings in Hindu ceremonies.
The main discoveries of insoluble red sandalwood from India have come from the wreck sites of two East Indiamen.
Divers since 1975 have carried out surveys and excavations and recovered billets and fragments of red sandalwood which have been studied by chemists and from which dye samples of excellent quality and colour range have been prepared.
Due to its slow growth red sandalwood which has become rare and expensive, is now a lucrative business for smugglers.
The timber of the red sandalwood is highly valued in China and is used for furniture.
Reportedly, four persons have been arrested so far on charges of smuggling the seized red sandalwood.
Red sandalwood is only found in the border districts of Kadapa and Chittoor between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Likewise, `rede sawnders' (line 730), which the glossary has as `a mineral substance', is probably the powder of red sandalwood, which the text later on numbers among `herbys' (line 734).
Al Khaja said nine seizures of red sandalwood banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), comprised 130,000 items worth Dh5.
Natural colours can also be made at home by mixing red sandalwood powder with refined flour or whole wheat flour.
The extent to which the Customs-no-entry norm at the terminal can affect national economy and security had come to light last week after the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) confiscated, in an early morning raid, a container with 17 tonnes of contraband red sandalwood destined for China through Dubai and Hong Kong from the Vallarpadom ICTT.
The DRI has learned that red sandalwood worth a minimum of Rs 50 crore had left the ICTT for Dubai to be re-routed to Chinese ports since the commissioning of the terminal in February last.
39 million (USD651,000) -- the highest price paid in China for any piece of red sandalwood furniture.