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a place of eternal fire envisaged as punishment for the damned

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The red region at the top of Figure 1 shows that for every interval over the last 10 years, 90 percent or more of the CBSAs with increasing average market prices saw price increases in lower-priced homes.
On a patch of painted flooring that mirrored the wall's red rectangle sat an old white grill-oven demarcating the left end of the red region.
In particular, vast clouds of ionized hydrogen gas fluoresce in the deep red region of the spectrum at the hydrogen-alpha (H[alpha]) ) wavelength of 656.
La Canada (7-2) clinched a spot in the Red region semifinals against Muir on Tuesday.
Most observations of the ashen light using color filters suggest that it really is brightest in the red region of the spectrum.
Because it's in the red region of the visible spectrum and its wavelength is a bit longer than H[alpha]'s, it has a deeper red color.
Their sensitivity is often referred to as quantum efficiency, or QE, which varies according to wavelength and generally peaks from 60 to 90 percent in the red region of the spectrum.
Araeta, one of the four sub-zonal administration centers in the Southern Red region, encompasses 45 villages inhibited by a total of 22,000 people.
Yellow regions surrounding the die are likely simply diffraction of ultrasound by the bond wires, but the red regions along the lead fingers are defects.
Based on the limited distribution of red regions and the fact that they were so much more conspicuous than anything Greenacre had observed before, he and Barr felt certain they had observed some kind of lunar activity.
The red regions comprise the affluent nations; the blue the "converging" regions, where the breadth and density of the middle class is growing rapidly; the green areas are areas where structural income disparities have helped stall middle-class development; while the purple areas are "struggling".
MEL] map show that the intensities of all three melamine bands increase from the blue to the red regions, while the residual methoxy and polyester corresponding band intensities are fairly constant.
The three-channel photodiode is sensitive to the blue, green and red regions of the spectrum, and it has a three-segment circular active area of 1 mm.