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a place of eternal fire envisaged as punishment for the damned

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The red region at the top of Figure 1 shows that for every interval over the last 10 years, 90 percent or more of the CBSAs with increasing average market prices saw price increases in lower-priced homes.
Thomas Benvie, aka "Taz," 41, is an Outlaws member in the Red region and currently serves as President of the Maine Chapter.
Araeta, one of the four sub-zonal administration centers in the Southern Red region, encompasses 45 villages inhibited by a total of 22,000 people.
The red regions comprise the affluent nations; the blue the "converging" regions, where the breadth and density of the middle class is growing rapidly; the green areas are areas where structural income disparities have helped stall middle-class development; while the purple areas are "struggling".
And Democrats spotted an ominous demographic trend - population is booming in the country's red regions, and stagnant in the blue.
The spectral plots and numerical data in these volumes are to be used as a source of precision reference wavelengths for researchers working with very-narrow-band tunable lasers in the green and red regions of the spectrum.
The green, yellow and red regions represent anomolies of increasing size, respectively.
Red regions in the dusty spiral arms of galaxy Messier 81 represent infrared emissions from dustier parts of the galaxy where new stars are forming.
Fully digital FCM shall be equipped with at least two lasers with excitation in the blue and red regions or third laser excitation in the violet region, corresponding filters and detectors.