red lauan

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hard heavy red wood of the red lauan tree

valuable Philippine timber tree

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Heilongjiang, China sylvestriformis) Larch (Larix gmelinii) Heilongjiang, China Hardwoods (angiosperms) Red lauan (Shorea negrosensis) Imported from Malaysia Yellow lauan (Shorea kalunti) Imported from Malaysia White lauan (Pentacme contorta) Imported from Malaysia Basswood (Tilia yunnanensis) Yunnan, China Birch (Betala alnoides) Yunnan, China Species Ovendry density (kg/[m.
Light red lauan is used frequently for light structural work, carpentry, panelling, low cost furniture, and drawer sides and backs.
The light red woods also are known around the world by the names perawan, meranti bunga, light red lauan, lanan, almon and mayapis.