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a large, old, luminous star

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However, Integral's observations revealed that a slow-spinning neutron star, with an unusually strong magnetic field has likely just begun feeding on material from a neighboring red giant star.
Our Sun will swell to become a similar red giant star in about five billion years.
Once it leaves the so-called main sequence and enters the red giant branch phase, it will begin a frightful growth in both luminosity and size, becoming, over the course of just 600 million years, 2,300 times as bright as today and 170 times its current diameter.
Red Giant provides news and updates at the following online locations: http://redgiantentertainment.
After first expanding into a red giant and engulfing the inner planets (which in the Solar System will include Earth), the star sheds its outer layers to leave a small and very dense core.
Red giants are slightly more helpful because their age depends on their mass--but determining mass isn't so easy either.
Red Giant Media, LLC is a production company founded by producers Aimee Schoof and Isen Robbins.
In about five billion years, our own Sun will have started to become a red giant.
ISLAMABAD -- Chilean astronomer Maritza Soto has discovered a planet three times as large as Jupiter orbiting a red giant star larger than the Sun and located some 290 million light years from Earth.
Jose Francisco Gomez, IAACSIC researcher in charge of the project, said that in a few thousand million years, the sun will exhaust its nuclear fuel, expand into a red giant and eject a major part of its mass, resulting into a white dwarf surrounded by a glowing planetary nebula.
The bikes are a red Giant Defy 2, a white, orange and blue Giant OCR road bike with electrical tape and an old watch on the handle bars and a blue GT Avalanche One bike with bright red pedals that are heavily spiked.
The bikes are a red Giant Defy 2, a white, orange and blue Giant OCR road bike, with electrical tape and an old watch on the handle bars, and a blue GT Avalanche.
In fact, our own Sun will expand to become a red giant about 7 billion years from now.
Budding astronomers can gaze up at the night sky and try to spot the likes of the Orion Nebula where stars are created, the Antromeda Galaxy and Belelgeux - a red giant star 700 times the size of the sun.
The binary system usually consists of a white dwarf and a red giant star.