red giant

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a large, old, luminous star

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In about five billion years, our own Sun will have started to become a red giant.
The discovery of planets orbiting red giant stars is rare, with only five such planets located around stars of that kind to date, she said.
Water fountains' are mature stars in a state of transition from red giants to planetary nebulae which display jets of ejected material that can be detected from intense radiation produced by water vapor molecules (water maser emission).
Some of the stars still shine with a hot bluish colour, but many of the more massive ones have become red giants and glow with a rich orange hue.
Those planets could have survived the bloating of a dying star during its red giant phase, or have formed from the material shed during the star's death throes.
Astronomers said, "The planet orbits a red giant star that's just far enough away to reasonably support life.
The 68 papers cover ingredients for solar models; chemical stratification in the sun and stars' excitation and damping properties of oscillations; new observational findings on main sequence, red giant, and compact stars; angular momentum transport: evolution of the solar and stellar internal rotation; shocks and turbulence; solar and stellar activity; the impact of seismic investigation on solar and stellar physics; new data, directions, and techniques for asteroseismology; and the development of the theory of stellar oscillation.
Budding astronomers can gaze up at the night sky and try to spot the likes of the Orion Nebula where stars are created, the Antromeda Galaxy and Belelgeux - a red giant star 700 times the size of the sun.
The binary system usually consists of a white dwarf and a red giant star.
Thus, a red giant star is born--our sun will evolve into a red giant in about 5,000,000,000 years, and expand to engulf and incinerate Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth.
A notable star in Orion is the red giant Betelgeuse pronounced by some as beetlejuice.
The constellation Bo|tes contains a red giant, one of the brightest stars in the sky.
The agenda, according to the producers is "SuperSecret," however there will be user-driven presentations from Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Blackmagic Design and Red Giant.
50 Southwell Alpha Tauri, more commonly known as Aldebaran, is a red giant star located in the zodiac constellation of Taurus some 65 light years (or 400 trillion miles) away from Earth.
Red Giant also very pretty when growing, so if space is limited try sowing a few seeds at the front of flower borders.