red fire

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combustible material (usually salts of lithium or strontium) that burns bright red

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A few soldiers were drafted down from the Fort, arms were given out to all those who could be trusted to use them and by night men watched by the great red fires which flared along the path of their labours.
The figure at the red fire turned, raised its ruffled head, and looked like a bird of prey.
But now it was night, and all the miasmatic ravine about me was black; and beyond, instead of a green, sunlit slope, I saw a red fire, before which hunched, grotesque figures moved to and fro.
But, when he is trimmed, smoothed, and varnished, according to the mode; when he is aweary of vice, and aweary of virtue, used up as to brimstone, and used up as to bliss; then, whether he take to the serving out of red tape, or to the kindling of red fire, he is the very Devil.
The red fires died slowly down, within the Castle, and presently the shell grew nearly black outside; the angry glare that shone out through the broken arches and innumerable sashless windows, now, reproduced the aspect which the Castle must have borne in the old time when the French spoilers saw the monster bonfire which they had made there fading and spoiling toward extinction.
They've got red fire ants everywhere,'' said Carolyn Lombardo, who lives on Cantaloupe.
PICKETING firefighters would not stand in the way of soldiers using North Wales' red fire engines, union leaders said yesterday.
Downing Street announced today that 15 red fire engines had been transferred from the National Fire Training College and were being made available to troops around the country.
VAN NUYS - A red fire ant has been discovered in a Van Nuys garden, marking the first appearance of these potentially deadly pests in the city, officials said Monday.
Built in 1928, the red-brick station in Ettington Road has a mock-Georgian look with its elegant window elevations above the attractive bright red fire shutters in front of the four bays.
Last night Home Office minister Lord Falconer raised the stakes in the dispute by confirming that the government was prepared to order troops to cross picket lines to use red fire engines if the union moved to eight- day strikes.
Downing Street announced that 15 red fire engines had been transferred from the National Fire Training College and were being made available.
Proposed state legislation to eradicate the red fire ant received support Tuesday on a 3-0 vote from the county Board of Supervisors.
I CAN see the need of proper and fair pay (not only for firefighters but for everyone) why are the armed services not allowed to use red fire engines?