red birch

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birch of swamps and river bottoms throughout the eastern United States having reddish-brown bark

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We have original red birch floors on the third floor, oak on the second, original wainscoting and fireplaces.
After the red birch floor was cut to fit, the crew used a router and a special 'groover' to insert the trim into the floor.
Doug Newhouse, president of Newhouse Wood & Veneer in West Hartford, CT, said red birch, the common name for yellow birch heartwood, has colors ranging from yellowish-white or reddish-white to tight brown.
The built-in cabinets are red birch, but the cabinets in the freestanding kitchen island, the plate rack, and the open shelves are painted bright blue.
The picture frames are done in red birch, maple, cypress, elm and beech, with retail prices starting at $65.
Mitchen, who has described the lost logs as the "Jurassic Park of wood," is harvesting red oak, flaming red birch, maple, cherry, elm, walnut, and more--all of which have slumbered for centuries in the cold silences of the Great Lake.
I've fallen in love with another birch, Betula albosinensis, the Chinese red birch.
This winter mix features seasonally appropriate favorites, Ginger Ale and Creamy Red Birch Beer, as well as Boylan stalwarts Root Beer and Black Cherry.
Species: Alder, chert, hard & soft maple, white & red birch, white & red look, quarter sawn look, lyptus, Eastern white knotty pine, walnut, hickory, MDF doors & drawer fronts
99 [pounds sterling]), soon to be joined by the New Zealand wine Red Birch Sauvignon Blanc which will be released from the Sowman Estate in Marlborough (rsp 7.
The cabinetry's essential elements are horizontal 3/8- by 3-inch red birch slats, back-screwed to a frame of red birch 1-by-2s.
Barbara Kaczynski is the Managing Director of New York City-based Red Birch Partners LLC, a privately held firm engaged in providing operational, strategic and business advisory services to companies in the fields of finance, technology, media and entertainment.
Species: Alder, cherry, hard & soft maple, white & red birch, white & red oak, quarter sawn oak, Lyptus, Eastern white knotty pine, walnut, hickory, MDF doors & drawer fronts
Refrigerator fronts, custom cabinets, and pantry closets are red birch, bleached and whitewashed to a pale rose-beige.
Two years ago red birch was hot and there wasn't enough of it, and white birch was plentiful," Caine said.