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small tree of southern United States having dark red heartwood

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In the late 1850s someone was reported regularly visiting each summer, and Winsor also mentions that chapels were built at several unnamed places and at Red Bay during that time.
However, data from whale bones found at Red Bay, Labrador, a primary 16th-century whaling port, revealed a predominance of bowhead whales, a finding that brought into question the assumption that right whales were a principal target in this region (Rastogi et al.
RED Bay on Northern Ireland's Antrim coast is well worth the trip.
Communications services provider Cable & Wireless in the Cayman Islands, has revealed it is expanding its EDGE upgrade to bmobile customers, following a pilot test in the Red Bay to Bodden Town area.
Endorsed by the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, which also vets each book for accuracy in the illustrations, the series includes four titles already published and one due in the summer of 2006 (set in the sixteenth century Basque whaling community of Red Bay, Labrador).
In the 1980s, scientists exhumed preserved whale bones from the wreck of a Basque galleon that sank in 1565 in Red Bay, Labrador.
Buyers of this style of furniture are likely to place it in rooms painted with stand-out colors such as Red Bay, Basil, Black Bean and Plummy, so they are drawn to woods that provide good contrast.
The inquiry launched by Culture, Arts and Leisure Minister Angela Smith is still ongoing while the boat is awaiting repair at Red Bay Boats in Waterfoot.
Prices at the sale were generally up on last year with top billing going to Tyreos Red Admiral, a red bay eight-year-old gelding owned by Mr P Harper and Mrs SM Downing.
Sylvio Morency and his girlfriend Lise Lepage had enjoyed a quiet day out from their home in Blanc Sabon, Quebec to Red Bay, Labrador, when trouble hit on the way back.
But they're going up to Labrador--9,000 tourists visited the Basque whaling site in Red Bay last year but I can count on my fingers and toes how many came up the Lower North Shore.
The obvious woody species include red bay (Perseapalustris), white bay (Magnolia virginiana), large gallberry (Ilex coriacea), and black gum (Nyssa sylvatica).
Many of the older people who live around the campus are as conservative as they come," says Hughes, who is originally from Red Bay, Ala.
Red Bay, which happens to be the last village on the southern Labrador Coast accessible by car, was chosen for intensive archaeological investigation.
Cartwright is at the north end of an existing winter road which now connects to Red Bay in the south -- and Newfoundland's highway system.