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Occasional pathogenic bacteria promoting ice-ice disease in the carrageenan-producing red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum (Solieriaceae, Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).
Green and red algae have developed this ability after their ancestors scavenged living cyanobacteria, and thus more or less captured photosynthesis, to the benefit of both sides, since this symbiosis resulted in tremendous competitive advantages in the primordial ocean".
Twenty-six percent of significant pair-wise combinations resulted in a species of red algae being consumed preferentially against another species of red or green algae; in 3 cases the preferred red species was A.
The biological mechanisms by which tissue strength varies in red algae are unknown, although previous studies on brown algae suggest that the types and amounts of structural materials, the proportions of these materials, and the orientation of fibers in thalli may play a role (Wainwright et al.
Woods attempts to bolster his argument by stating that compounds from red algae could be misidentified by gas chromatography as DDT.
Carrageenan[R] and Carrageenan Warming Formula[R] -- Two new formulations of the popular award-winning all-natural personal lubricant rich in the ingredient carrageenan, a substance extracted from the sea's red algae that the National Cancer Institute has called an extremely potent infection inhibitor.
benthamiana so that it would produce the protein made by red algae called griffithsin (GRFT).
KEY WORDS: juvenile abalone, Haliotis laevigata, red algae, spore formation, protoplast isolation, fragment culture, algal biomass
2, Johnson and Koehl, 1994), it is within the range of that determined for freshwater red algae (-0.
For example, red algae produce halogen compounds that are misidentified as DDT by gas chromatography.
In Trelleborg in southern Sweden, a plague of red algae which has blotted beaches and harbors for years is being put to good use.
Additionally for green roofs: - application of seeds, Chunks and sprouts to defects, - replanting of dead plants as required, - fertilization of the vegetation area as needed, Removal of unwanted foreign vegetation within the vegetation area, - removal of flammable fouling in gravel and safety strips, - regeneration of grasses and herbs at the time of seed maturity when needed, Removal of debris / moss formation / red algae when needed, - combating pests and pests as necessary, - elimination of erosion damage that may have occurred, - supplement of substrate as needed, - after completion of the work delivery of a photo documentation.
The Sparitual Salt Scrubs contain red algae and red clay to help rejuvenate skin.
18) Therefore, we searched for simpler hot spring red algae among the Cyanidiophyceae (Fig.