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large tree of Pacific coast of North America having hard red wood much used for furniture

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In this report, we describe tests of potential chemical systems for protecting freshly cut red alder pallet stock against fungal attack.
The species is primarily folivorous (Voth and others 1983; Manning and others 2003) and at least semi-arboreal (Foreman and Swingle 2006), with most of the diet during spring and summer consisting of Red Alder (Alnus rubra) leaves (Voth and others 1983).
Frequently compared to other woods, some say red alder is like birch but with more color.
Rothe A, Cromack K, Resh SC, Makineci E, Son Y (2002) Soil carbon and nitrogen changes under Douglas-fir with and without red alder.
And Jeld-Wen offers hardwood, including mahogany, Pacific Coast red alder, and vertical-grain Douglas fir on the interior, and copper cladding for the exterior.
Red alder is a medicinal plant that has been used almost as a cure-all by Native American tribes of the Pacific Coast.
Steve then crept 50 yards down and across a small draw, slid behind a big red alder tree, and began to make soft cow mews.
Types of wood that should be in demand over the upcoming year include tulip wood, red alder and white and red oak, as well as other species such as ash, cherry and hard maple.
We offer three fine interior wood options: Pacific Coast red alder, genuine mahogany or vertical-grain Douglas fir.
In most of Southeast Alaska, red alder trees line the roads.
The lifespan of Red Alder is sixty to eighty years.
Perfect for the pared-back look is the Ramada kitchen in Red Alder finish, with bevelled edges and pan drawers.