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a bin for depositing things to be recycled

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Do -- clean any disposable paper plates, trays and party cups and add them to the paper recycling bin.
The subject of the service is the sorting and recycling of municipal waste from the recycling bin.
My neighbour received her recycling bin within three days of requesting it.
Q Cardboard packaging can be squashed flat and recycled in the main part of the recycling bin.
The resident added that while he tries to recycle correctly, he has had issues with people placing food in his recycling bin after walking back from the pub on the night before collection on Sunday.
This meant that there were two recycling bins full to the top with other people's recycling.
TRIO BINS Tesco 3 section stainless steel recycling bin, Tesco, www.
Before everything was going into the big tin waste bins, but now we segregate everything and throw recyclable items in the recycling bin.
STRANGE items - from nappies to dead pets - have been found in North East recycling bins, a North East council has revealed.
TYNESIDE families have been urged to stop dumping dead pets in recycling bins.
Lindley resident Ken Winter said he rang the council after discovering the textile recycling bin at Lidget Street near his home was full to overflowing.
Most likely, you already have a standard blue recycling bin from your municipality in your garage or outside your home.
The Alcoa Foundation Recycling Bin Grant Program was created to help schools increase recycling rates during RecycleMania, an eight-week tournament that aims to raise awareness about recycling on college campuses, which ends March 31.
Try to make trips to the bottle bank or recycling bin part of your weekly routine.
RESCUERS spent 12 hours trying to save a "pregnant cat" from a clothes recycling bin - only to discover it was a squeaky toy.
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