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Synonyms for recusant

someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct

(of Catholics) refusing to attend services of the Church of England


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refusing to submit to authority

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Les participants a cette manifestation, organisee a l'appel du Front national pour l'integrite territoriale, ont exprime leur condamnation ferme de ces actes, tout en recusant toute tentative de porter atteinte aux valeurs sacrees du Royaume et exprimant leur protestation contre le message adresse par le president algerien a une reunion a Abuja.
Bernard of Clairvaux's Influence on English Recusant Letters: The Case of Robert Southwell, S.
On the face of it a group of mainly recusant Catholic shoemakers-turned players, acting printed plays in one of the "dark corners" (Hill 3) of the land, could be mistaken for Yorkshire versions of Bottom and his fellow Mechanicals in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
This same appeal, he suggests, explains the existence of King Lear in the Simpsons' repertoire; while seeming to toe the Protestant line, it employs the truth-nullifying effect of theater to give the recusant audience comforting access to one of its suppressed rituals.
The Middleton papers; the financial problems of a Yorkshire recusant family in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
teachers; (7) Shakespeare had prominent recusant friends; (8)
Smith clarifies the underlying politics involved in printing the music of recusant Catholic William Byrd in his "Turning a New Leaf: William Byrd, the East Music-Publishing Firm and the Jacobean Succession.
L'anarchisme epistemologique de Paul Feyerabend radicalise cette these en recusant toute forme de methodologie normative explicite elaboree par les logiciens.
Whether or not McGuinness himself is convinced by such arguments, his William in the play confesses to the File the recusant faith of his childhood: 'On our Lady's Day my mother cast daisies into the River Avon in secret homage to the queen of heaven, so many frail stems I thought the river pied with the flowers of worship.
The recusant polyglot Elizabeth Jane Watson made Bohemia her home, as did, for a shorter period, her stepfather, Edward Kelley, and his associate, Dr.
But that he at the same time likened the portrait to Egyptian art places Bacon back in the court of a more historically recusant position.
Although there were recusant families, those of us who were working class rarely came across them.
Recusant plate from the 17th and 18th centuries is well represented.
In Robert Southwell's meditation on Mary Magdalen, "Mary's experience at the empty tomb" (141) serves, Gary Kuchar argues, as an emblem of the recusant community, "her heart the cophin of an unliving soul" (145).
Did Shakespeare purchase New Place in Stratford to assist its bankrupted recusant owners, or was it simply an opportunist investment?