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  • verb

Synonyms for recur

happen again

Synonyms for recur

to happen again or repeatedly

to come back to a former condition

Synonyms for recur

return in thought or speech to something

have recourse to

References in classic literature ?
The inference is, that the authority of the Union, and the affections of the citizens towards it, will be strengthened, rather than weakened, by its extension to what are called matters of internal concern; and will have less occasion to recur to force, in proportion to the familiarity and comprehensiveness of its agency.
Finding it unnecessary to plead for the Tullivers, it was natural that aunt Pullet should relax a little in her anxiety for them, and recur to the annoyance she had suffered yesterday from the offspring of that apparently ill-fated house.
Yet there was one thing on his mind to be done before he could recur to remonstrance: it was to confess what had been unjust in his own words.
But breast cancer recurs in about 30 percent of women whose lymph node biopsies are negative.
It could take about five years to determine if the PCR screening predicts whether breast cancer will recur, he said.