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  • verb

Synonyms for recur

happen again

Synonyms for recur

to happen again or repeatedly

to come back to a former condition

Synonyms for recur

return in thought or speech to something

have recourse to

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Recurringly, children's responses showed that the illustrations assisted or complemented their comprehension of the text.
Recurringly Jim envisions himself as "always an example of devotion to duty and as unflinching as a hero in a book.
I do not want to suggest here that the Milestone message is incredibly well-concealed propaganda that serves a specific agenda; rather, I believe that it forthrightly admits - and is recurringly interpreted as - an alternative to the traditional patriarchal masculine norm that has recently, in other comics and other media, become increasingly skewed toward absurd heights of hypermasculinity.
The grouch within me wonders recurringly why people who have paid perfectly good money for a theatre seat stand up and leave it to its own devices while they wriggle their hips and go in for synchronised clapping, just because the musical beat on the stage happens to stir their primeval instincts.
For instance, the Poliphilo narrator recurringly practices the rhetorical exercise of ekphrasis, or the careful verbal evocation of works of art.