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  • verb

Synonyms for recur

happen again

Synonyms for recur

to happen again or repeatedly

to come back to a former condition

Synonyms for recur

return in thought or speech to something

have recourse to

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Recurringly, the Conservatives pay the price for "dealing with the devil" (I used the phrase ironically, though some seem to have taken me literally)--with sovereigntists who talk a lot about their rights and demands on the rest of the country, but admit no obligations on their part toward the rest of us, which is no basis at all for shared political community.
Recurringly, the protagonists are trapped, yet judgements are seldom made.
But hope that by God's grace men may solve the problem of living together without recurringly [sic] seeking to destroy one another.
The film juxtaposes images of past and present not only by interspersing flashbacks of newsreel footage, but also because Damiel and Cassiel become recurringly drawn to a movie company that is shooting a detective story set in the Nazi era.
I am taking dedicated playing places to mean those whose primary use was for play of one kind or another, or those which were so habitually used for a particular kind of entertainment or spectacle that the name of that entertainment attached itself to the place, meaning that people used the spot for a specific event recurringly and traditionally.
Recurringly, in my questioning what I'd learned from all that had preceded and in pondering all that I still desired so desperately to know, I found myself returning to two words, simple ones, that have everything to do not only with the work we do, but also with the critical importance of our writerly beginnings first as readers, scrupulous readers; as thinkers, scrupulous thinkers.
Recurringly, children's responses showed that the illustrations assisted or complemented their comprehension of the text.
Recurringly Jim envisions himself as "always an example of devotion to duty and as unflinching as a hero in a book.
41) From 1915 on, Bent recurringly mentions in his letters to Hyde that he hasn't heard from Butler; the reason, I suspect, was that Butler had nothing good to report.