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Its symptoms also include recurrent fever and anemia.
A 12 yr old HIV positive boy from Nagaland, India presented with history of recurrent fever, cough, weight loss, diarrhoea, and generalised papular, smooth, dome shaped and umbilicated skin lesions of varying size (2-10 mm) of one month duration.
The availability of a test to detect the most frequent MEFV gene mutations simultaneously should prompt molecular genetics laboratories to investigate patients with recurrent fever on a routine basis.
Koch was also noted for work in tropical medicine, especially trypanosomiasis, recurrent fever, typhoid fever, and the rinderpest outbreak in South Africa.
Six patients reported recurrent fever and generalized muscle and joint pain.
Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by recurrent fever, peritonitis, pleuritis, and synovitis attacks.
During the third week of antibiotic therapy, she developed recurrent fever and lowe r extremity weakness and numbness; because of emerging neurologic deficits, she underwent uneventful L4--L5 laminectomy and drainage of the abscess.
This autosomal recessive inherited autoinflammatory syndrome is characterized by recurrent fever attacks, abdominal pain, lymphadenopathy, skin lesions and joint involvement.
Fourteen months before admission, she developed recurrent fever, bladder dysfunction, and weakness and numbness of both lower legs.
The patient was discharged to LTCF 1 but was readmitted because of recurrent fever.
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