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soft decayed area in a tooth

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Keywords: Thermo mechanical excavation, chromophore, microleakage, marginal integrity, bond strength, recurrent caries, pulpal tolerance, cohesive, and adhesive failures.
Sex status of involved tooth (root canal filling, recurrent caries, coronal leakage of restoration, oral communication with lesion), presence of E.
However even in these situations recurrent caries remains a problem.
Due to improper cavity design with recurrent caries underlying amalgam restoration leading to fracture of the restoration.
23 explorer to check recurrent caries coronal microleakage of restoration and oral communication with the lesion.
The restorations were evaluated for any marginal discoloration, loss of restoration, color change, recurrent caries and retention after 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
According to the results of children's examination the quality of median caries treatment of primary teeth was evaluated by means of two measurements: 1) positive result: filling is conserved, restoring the anatomical dental form, preserving gingival attachment or there is a small defect not involving the dentin, there are no signs of secondary decay or carious complications; 2) negative result: extensive filling decay, gingival attachment defect, involving dentin, irregular surface with pronounced pits, fissures, splits, partial filling breakage, falling out of filling (wear), recurrent caries and caries complications development.
The team estimates that by using the antibacterial primer and antibacterial/remineralizing adhesive, the nanocomposite fillings should last longer than the typical five to 10 years, by combating the main cause of restoration failure: recurrent caries due to oral biofilm acids.
4) The main clinical signs that indicate microleakage are marginal staining of the restoration, recurrent caries, injuries to the dentin-pulp complex and marginal fractures.
However, 9 (11%) of the AMs were reported to have recurrent caries at 24 months and 20 (33.
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