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Synonyms for recuperation

a return to normal health

Synonyms for recuperation

gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury

References in classic literature ?
As I came sputtering to the surface I looked about for some tiny foot- or hand-hold where I might cling for a moment of rest and recuperation.
A week later, with failing health and shattered nerves, Professor Maxon sailed with his daughter for a long ocean voyage, which he hoped would aid him in rapid recuperation, and permit him to forget the nightmare memory of those three horrible days and nights in his workshop.
I took her in my arms and quieted her as best I could, and finally, with my help, she got to her feet; for she, as well as I, had found some slight recuperation in sleep.
Sailing for recuperation, but too late, to Lisbon, he died there at the age of forty-seven, in 1754.
There was no power of recuperation left, no reserve strength to call upon.