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Synonyms for recuperate



Synonyms for recuperate

Synonyms for recuperate

regain or make up for

regain a former condition after a financial loss

restore to good health or strength

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When he was recovering from life-threatening heart surgery, the Gunners' pounds 4million cult hero recuperated by training with fearsome Japanese Akita fighting dogs called Kali and Teddy.
While the rafting iguanas were weak and dehydrated at first, they soon recuperated.
I fought for my country before,'' the former senator said repeatedly across the state where he recuperated from his war wounds.
In working with the patients and their families, the foundation volunteers had realized that due to injury, trauma and other circumstances these brave men and women might not be able to or have the desire to return to their previous career when they recuperated.
Patterson, who has evidently recuperated from his kidney donation operation, had been in the prison's general population until that discovery.
During previous laboratory tests using the Pro-Or processes on similar concentrates, over $40,000 of PGM were recuperated per tonne treated.
Orkin, the firm's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has recuperated from gastrointestinal surgery and has resumed primary responsibility for the investment activities of the firm and its affiliated mutual fund, the Caldwell & Orkin Market Opportunity Fund (ticker symbol: COAGX).