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Electromyographic studies support this particular exercise, that is, the head raise, in isolating the rectus abdominis muscle.
Rectus abdominis muscle endometriosis: case report and review of the literature.
2012) Ultrasound assessment of asymmetric hypertrophy of the rectus abdominis muscle and prevalence of associated injury in professional tennis players.
2,16,17) These shear forces place stress on the inguinal wall musculature and can lead to attenuation of local soft tissues, including the following: tearing of the transversalis fascia or conjoined tendon, abnormalities at the insertion of the rectus abdominis muscle, avulsion of the internal oblique muscle fibers at the pubic tubercle, intrasubstance tear of the internal oblique muscle, and attenuation of the external oblique muscle and aponeurosis.
de Almeida Mendes D, Nahas F, Veiga D (2007) Ultrasonography to measure the width of rectus abdominis muscle diastasis.
Marshall and Murphy (16) demonstrated that a bench press at 60% of 1RM performed on a Swiss ball caused greater EMG activity in the anterior deltoids, transverse abdominis, internal oblique, and the rectus abdominis muscles in comparison with a stable surface.
5% bupivacaine and 5 ml of 1% lignocaine (with adrenaline) were then deposited in the potential space between the rectus abdominis muscle and the posterior rectus sheath (Figure 1).
The rectus abdominis muscle has been shown to become thinner, wider, and to have increased inter-recti distance which does not spontaneously resolve (Coldron et al 2008).
5-second period at the peak of exercise during each crunch for the rectus abdominis muscle was 81.
SUMMARY: We investigated the effect of swimming training in rats on morphological characteristics, hypertrophy levels and metabolic and contractile adaptations of different fiber types in rat the rectus abdominis muscle.
The procedure is a variation of the most commonly performed breast reconstruction surgery method, the TRAM flap, in which muscle, tissue and fat are removed from the transverse rectus abdominis muscle (TRAM) in the lower abdomen.
Inferior epigastric artery skin flaps without rectus abdominis muscle.
The lower trocars are placed lateral to the deep inferior epigastric vessels on each side, and the upper trocars are placed lateral to the rectus abdominis muscle at about the level of the umbilicus.