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any of various straight muscles

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Heritability estimates for the rectus abdominis varied from 0.
During pregnancy, the two rectus abdominis muscle bellies elongate and curve round the abdominal wall as it expands (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Gilleard and Brown 1996) causing midline separation along the linea alba and protrusion of the umbilicus (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Mota et al 2013).
A: Sagittal section demonstrating fungating lesion invading the rectus abdominus with extension to the anterior border of the pubic bone and dome of bladder.
B (brightness) mode ultrasonography of the right and left rectus femoris was carried out in 10 nondisabled subjects during a single session by a novice operator (K.
rectus were associated together in turf grass, Paspalum vaginatum, in the states of Puebla and Veracruz but always in the presence of S.
The activation characteristic of Rectus femoris [Rec femoris] muscle is 35, 36 and 39 and in right leg is 38, 12 and 8 in amplitude for all three cases respectively.
He injured himself during the match, reportedly tearing his abductor and rectus tendon that required him to have hernia surgery.
They consist of several different muscles, the major ones being: internal and external obliques (sides of your abs), the diaphragm, the longissimus thoracis (back), the transversus abdominis (from back to front like a corset), multifidus (low back area) and rectus abdominis (six-pack).
About midway through the match, I tore my abductor tendon, as well as my rectus tendon, completely off my pelvis.
Rectus sheath hematoma is a collection of blood within the abdominal wall musculature or fascia.
This targets all the muscles of the core - the rectus abdominis muscle, the obliques and the deeper core muscles, as well as the shoulder muscles and bottom.
An exploratory laparotomy was performed, and an abscess was found in the rectus muscle at the base of the previous incision.
The paralysis of these muscles following snake bite is a very rare complication and the internal rectus muscle has been reported to be the most commonly affected muscle (5,6).
Mothers benefit from manual therapy to help visceral organs sit properly in the abdomen, diastasis recti or split rectus abdominus muscle return to a more stable and esthetically pleasing position, positioning of the pelvis, improve mobility in the spine, and to stretch tight tissues without sacrificing much needed stability.