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the terminal section of the alimentary canal

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After comparing the morphological and immunohistochemistry charachteristics of the primary breast cancer and rectal tumour, the pathologist concluded that the features were consistent with a primary breast cancer metastasising to the rectum.
He and his colleagues identified the gonococcal bacterial loads at the pharynx and rectum.
Resecting more of the rectum and sigmoid colon to straighten out the left side of the large bowel and shorten the overall length will better alleviate the patient's constipation symptoms.
Most bowel cancers stem from polyps or symptomless growths in the rectum and colon and where these were found they were removed in a safe and pain-free procedure, the researchers said.
She said: "These findings suggest that even low levels of drinking increase a woman's risk of developing cancer of the breast, liver and rectum, and in smokers, cancers of the mouth and throat.
Moreover, the effect of fasting on SGLT1 gene expression in the ruminant rectum has not been investigated so far.
The rectum is more elastic than the rest of the bowel.
When prostate cancer is treated with radiation therapy, techniques are always employed to minimize the dose to the rectum.
In the present paper, we describe a patient with MALT lymphoma arising in the rectum and review the literature.
Endoscopy involving a camera on a long tether inserted into the rectum and snaked through the bowel has for many years been the traditional test, but there is evidence now that the capsule method is superior to both traditional endoscopy and x-ray for detecting the disease.
Of course not, because besides being one of the few creatures that Lucifer spawned from his rectum, that possum was so decayed it revealed a frightening insect laden bone structure you had erased from your childhood memories .
Cancer of the colon or rectum was more common in people who consumed more red or processed meat and less common in those who consumed more fish, says a massive study that tracked more than 475,000 men and women from 10 European countries for roughly five years.
The large intestine is the last section of the digestive tract and consists of the colon and rectum.
On examination, the digestive tract from the stomach to the rectum was removed and tested for B.
other studios presented also found that cancer of the anus and rectum is more common in HIV+ people compared to the general population (abstract 777) and that these rates have increased since the introduction of HAART (abstract 778).