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the office or station of a rector

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Or can we sense here the thwarted ambitions of a talented priest who might once have expected the rectorship for himself as a recognition of his abilities and a reward for his labours?
Particularly interesting is the discussion of the rectorship held by his namesake grandfather (1806-62) in Tullylish, County Down, where he witnessed the transformation wrought by Ulster's industrial revolution.
Former vice-rector and physics professor of Constantinos Christofides won the rectorship in the first round after securing 206 out of 372 votes.
His purpose in accepting the rectorship of the university in Dublin had based on his belief that the laity had to be educated if they were to assume their proper role in defending the faith.
After that it was felt the rectorship should be filled by someone who had the students' best interests at heart.
In June, 1933, shortly after ascending to the rectorship, Heidegger visited Karl Jaspers.
Nominations for the rectorship will be accepted until 5pm next Wednesday.
Norris (1990) devotes an entire chapter to Heidegger and his flirtation with the Nazis, particularly during the time of his Rectorship at Freiberg University after 1933.
It was a rich parish, and Archdeacons of Durham held the Rectorship from 1256 until 1832, with many moving into high positions in the Church.
Newman's treatment of the rectorship as a part-time job was a further difficulty, and the resulting tension led to his resignation.
De Veno also signed the general register of Basel University (during the rectorship of Caspar Bauhin, 1598-99) as "Henricus de Veno, Frisius.
His goal was to work his way northward across the Channel to reunite with Martyr, who was now teaching at Oxford, but before being able to do so, he received a request from Jakob Sturm, the chief magistrate of Strasbourg, to become professor of Old Testament at the College of Saint Thomas under the rectorship of Johann Sturm.
Sexual imagery (often with an undertone of violence) is sometimes used to characterize Heidegger's view of history in the period of his rectorship and involvement with National Socialism from 1933 on (pp.
FEMINIST writer Germaine Greer has confirmed she will run for the rectorship of St Andrews University.
Anne Robinson plans to pip JK Rowling to the St Andrew's University rectorship