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protrusion or herniation of the rectum into the vagina


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Similarly stage 3 and 4 colpocele and rectocele were observed in 30% and 33% of the colpocele and rectocele observed, respectively (Table 2).
A "site-specific" rectocele repair involves the reapproximation of discrete rents in the rectovaginal fascia instead of a midline plication.
Most significant is the fact that of the 520 women who presented with decreased sensation with intercourse, 100% had identifiable rectoceles on physical exam.
Among the causes of constipation are paradoxical puborectalis contraction, rectocele, and pelvic floor failure, including rectal prolapse and rectoanal intussusception, but sometimes the cause can be as simple as a lack of fiber and water in the diet, she said.
Concerns have been raised about the use of mesh and subsequent erosion in rectocele repair via posterior colporrhaphy, although many still advocate the use of mesh.
Since rectocele repair is usually done after other apical or anterior wall compartment defects are corrected (rectoceles are rarely isolated problems, and high rectoceles are usually associated with apical defects or enteroceles), it is important to appreciate that the introitus may tighten during the healing process.
The women had intussusceptions and rectoceles, while the men had large intussusceptions.
The other three serious adverse events were in the posterior compartment with a rectocele or enterocele.
In particular, high rectoceles can be problematic because little or no autologous material is available for fixation.
Some medical school professors still describe tears as uncommon, holding to the historic explanation of rectoceles as starting with the stretching of tissue in vaginal delivery, according to Dr.
I have, however, seen relaxed vaginal tissues, including cystoceles and rectoceles, associated with the prolonged pushing of natural childbirth without medications.
The researchers detected five bladder neck prolapses, eight cystoceles, four urethral diverticula, three uterine prolapses, one elytrocele, and four rectoceles.
Rectoceles, however, are better detected by examination than by MRI, he noted.
In a 1992 study of 74 consecutive patients with constipation, splinting, or straining and a history of pelvic surgery, defecography identified three rectoceles, seven enteroceles, and four sigmoidoceles that were not detected by physical examination, she noted.
Kahn and her associates conducted anorectal physiological studies on 63 women with symptomatic rectoceles who failed conservative treatment and desired surgery.