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right-hand page

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0 gloss coated - recto 4 colors - resistant paper extrieura specify
The penalty of prison mayor in its maximum period shall be imposed upon any person who shall wilfully and maliciously insert, place, and/or attach, directly or indirectly, through any overt or covert act, any firearm, or ammunition, or parts to a person, his or her house and effects aACA* for the purpose of implicating or incriminating the person" Recto said.
In a statement, Recto said he filed the BBL bill "amid the order of Malacanang to stop the random inspection of balikbayan boxes after OFW groups and lawmakers criticised the move of the BoC.
The chief value of Volumes 2 and 3 is that the reader can easily compare the English text on the verso and the Latin on the recto.
El colon distal fue asiento de la mayor concentracion de tumores, seguido por el colon proximal y el ciego, no encontrandose tumores en recto, sin diferencias importantes entre ambos periodos de la experimentacion.
The series is organized by Recto Verso, a bookshop-cum-library specializing in Lebanese art -- founded in 2010 by art critic-turned-publisher Cesar Nammour and co-founder Gabiela Schaub.
Over at rival Petron Corp, President Eric Recto gave a similar explanation, saying the company's refinery now required sweet and light crude.
Maybe I've spent too much time in clubs, but how else to respond to a painting exhibition that gave you a roomful of free-standing glass panels on the recto sides of which are suspended smeary blackish-gray paintings shimmering with mirrors, metal, and leather patches, the material accoutrements of metal, goth, and punk?
The recto of this long-neglected canvas, having been deemed obscene, was overpainted in the 19th century--turning the dwarf into a Bacchus with wine cup in hand and vine leaves protecting his modesty--and hung on a wall.
The left margin of the first folio recto, for example, contains several important markings: a cross-reference to his scholium at the end of the volume, a Biblical cross-reference, and three sequential Arabic numerals.
We're a short-run operation, focused on quick delivery," says Per Flem, owner, president, and CEO of Cincinnati custom injection molder Recto Molded Products.
In the most authoritative previous study of this copper plate (by Essick), the marks here were described as the result of a preliminary process similar to "knocking up," in which accidental nicks, dents or scratches in the polished surface of the recto were flattened by hammering on the verso before engraving began.
Swap a standard cardi for a fashion-forward recto jacket.
The Director General of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), Ralph Recto also welcomed the new CAS, saying that the new framework for the World Bank Group's operations in Philippines is broadly aligned with the country's updated Medium Term Philippine Development plan(MTPDP) prepared by the NEDA.
Eric Recto, Petron president and one of Ashmore's representative to the company, said there was a deal with San Miguel but he declined to give details.